About Amba Aliana’Hi

Aliana’Hi is a Lyran Starseed and holds the vibration of Lemurian Love Fire. She is a carrier of the Original Tree of Life Templates within her DNA and is here on Mission Work to Restore Peace, Love and Harmony within the Ancient Tree.(The Human DNA and the Planetary Grid System)
She is an Indigo Walk-in Spirit who is working under the Emerald Covent to assist the Earth in its Reharmonization. She is a Spiritual Healer and Priestess of Lemuria.
She works in co-creation with the Guardian Alliance and the Galactic Earth Guardians, the White Animal Kingdom, the Elven Elders, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers and the Council of 12. She is the Founder of the Earth Guardian Mystery School and The Harmonic Garden where she teaches and shares her wisdom and healing.

Amba has been offering her services to humanity for the past 13 years, working at Large Wellness and Healing Centers across the Country and has assisted 1000s of People in their healing journey and awakening.
In her healing sessions she works with Eternal Life light, sound and vibration codes and brings forth wisdom from the Plant Kingdom to assist consciousness to release, and let go of traumas, false belief systems and life’s experiences that are no longer serving your highest good. Her sessions can consist of shamanic journey’s, soul retrieval, inner child healing, past life regression and healing, ancestral healing, womb healing, and Universal exploration, and quantum leaping.
Her intention though her healing is clear all the distortions within the DNA that have kept you in pain and suffering, and to awaken your 12 Strand, 144 Subharmonics within the DNA to help you embody your Avatar Presence and true Angelic Human Template, your Ancient Tree.

What is Unique about Amba is she came into her purpose after a near death experience in 2010 in which she merged in consciousness with her Avatar Angelic Nature and was given a mission to bring healing to the earth. Shortly after, she began studying under the Order of Melchizedek as a Healer of Light. She was then guided to study earth based healing with many different Tribal Nations of Mother Gaia and began her planetary missions.

She is in continual study with the Guardian Alliance and is embodying her original vibration and essence; Amba Aliana’ Hi; which means Divine Mother of Christos Light.
Her purpose is to reawaken Divine Love upon the Planet and within the hearts of humanity.