About Ameera Beth

Ameera Atlantis is a Multidimensional Teacher and Healer for the New Atlantis. As an incarnated Atlantean Mer Being, she holds the ancient philosophy, wisdom, and knowledge of The Great Kingdoms of Atlantis and Lemuria in her DNA and Soul remembrance. Ameera is a direct conduit to The Mer World, the Sacred Feminine and to the element of Water. She brings forth messages from Ocean Mother Yemaya, Archangel Metatron, and teaches Sacred Geometry.

Her mission and passion is to inspire and ignite the remembrance of purpose for incarnation in others through their own connection to Soul Origins, and sovereignty. Ameera Atlantis is an Ordained Minster and Steward of the Temple of the New Atlantis, Intuitive Healer, Advanced Level Past Life Regressionist, Author, and Conscious Clothing Retailer. She lives on the beautiful Island of Kauai and hosts retreats yearly.