About Dr. Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

Dr. Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D. has four adult children and several grandchildren. She lives, with her husband of 44 years, on 160 acres of beautiful land with pasture, bush, rolling hills and a creek that runs through it, in Alberta, Canada.

Barbara Marie was given the gift of the Language of Light about 40 years ago and has learned how and when to use it wisely. She has more than 20 years of education in the area of spirituality, healing and metaphysics.

After suffering from migraine headaches in her young adult years she was led to learning Reiki and Therapeutic Touch in her mid twenties. This was the start of many years of taking programs and courses, which eventually led to her Doctorate degree in Metaphysics. Within those years she also received two Ministerial Degrees.

Back in 2001…. She started waking up each day hearing “people” talking to her. After taking notes and trusting the voices, she realized she had this wonderful gift of Clairaudience. This all led to her offerings of Angel Messages. After that, the group that call themselves, The Present Ones, started giving her messages for herself and her clients. This then grew into her adding the Language of Light to all her client sessions.

From there The Present Ones, led her to create The Way of the Rainbow, a 7step process to experience greater spiritual transformation more quickly. That eventually led to The Way of the Rainbow: The Ultimate Meditation System, which she shares in a new 7 week program for those that are serious about growing spiritually quickly.

Her greatest passion is sharing the Language of Light and its messages with her clients in her sessions and programs. After a session she says, “I LOVE WHAT I DO!” She is constantly filled with gratitude and with awe as she grows in spiritual awareness.

Last five years of focus has been raising her vibration to be ready to offer to the world The Language of Light private sessions and also The Way of the Rainbow Program at a much higher vibration than ever before.