About Beth Rachel

Beth is here to support humanity in activating the original human genome and divine Earth blueprint. As a participant in the original planetary design and creation of the Earth she draws upon her soul and cellular memory to help guide humanity back into alignment. Much of her work is in lifting and integrating the veil between the conscious and unconscious collective human awareness and creating harmony between shadow and light. She does this by helping others to own and claim their power and abilities through alchemizing their shadow pieces. This alchemy works with the subconscious to extract the soul lessons learned and allow the rest to transmute.

After spending the first 15 years of her life as a soldier for the light Beth received an Earth grid activation that allowed her to reconstruct her soul warrior contract. Previous to this moment she was put into government secret programs, sexually trafficked and ritually abused from infancy.

Though many of these experiences were deeply traumatizing on many levels they also gave many gifts that Beth has brought to her trauma recovery work over the last 12 years. Through many of her mind control experiences Beth was brought to places deep within the subconscious that have given her a unique ability to quickly drop into the root of patterns that manifest in conscious reality. Many of her experiences with psychic warfare programs pushed her physical body to manifest her super abilities, in this way she has experienced the full extent of the human genome. Her experiences allowed her to see the intricate webs of shadow systems and structures that control our planet and how they operate.

Beth has studied with various psychic teachers and energy healers through the years. She has studied medical intuition, crystal healing, tarot, metaphysics, quantum healing, indigenous studies, eastern philosophy and psychedelics and plant medicine. Beth has taught yoga, theta healing, psychic skills and intuitive kids classes as well as been a body work practitioner for 18 years.