About Carly Vernon

Carly is a Somatic Mechanical Engineer and an Intuitive Transformational Alchemist

In private practice, Carly combines years of tenacious technical study of the human body, plant medicine, yoga teacher, enlightenment, ascension, intuitive clarity, inter-dimensional meditation, single-parenting, and daily suspended inversions, bringing a most unique (sometimes upside down!) perspective, depth of knowledge, and ability to the client’s healing journey. A journey out of the physical symptoms of trauma and into a True Knowing and command of the body and the Self.

Carly is a licensed orthopedic massage therapist, an internationally and nationally certified yoga teacher, a yoga trapeze instructor, a certified yoga educator, has studied Anatomy in Motion, CranioSacral Reflexology, myofascial studies & scar tissue manipulation, and studies the mechanics of breathing pattern along with self study of the cranial nerve pathways.