About Christine Esdaile

Christine Esdaile is an Ascension Guide & Wayshower, Energy Healer, certified life coach, writer and classically trained Yogini. From early on, Christine had a special connection to the Devic Kingdoms of nature and animals and a curiosity to understand people and the world that is our planet. Her spiritual journey has been a quest for experiencing the deeper meaning of life and how to create and support a harmonious life, in the process of spiritual awakening. This quest has taken her to live around numerous sacred sites in the US and Scandinavia, and to traveling throughout England, Russia, Portugal, Greece, Crete, Gran Canary, France, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Netherlands and Bali.

Over the years, Christine has learned to trust her intuitive connection with Divine Source and has studied with many gifted teachers, developing a deep connection to her Higher Self and team of guides. Initially Christine grew up with a Christian background and today her spiritual path is a merging of Christianity, Celtic Shamanic traditions, Buddhism, Bhakti yoga & Vedanta in the ancient lineage of one of the world’s oldest goddess traditions, Shri Vidya.

Christine is a Myer-Briggs Type Inventory Certified Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and has studied Developmental & Jungian Psychology and Sociology, taking her Masters in English literature at the University of Oslo, Norway. She has taught Yoga, College English, communication and peace building skills, assertiveness training, Reiki & other healing modalities, worked on translations and written numerous blogs and articles on communication skills, healing & the enlightenment process. In 2013 and 2014 she organized and hosted the International Norway-based Evolving Consciousness Conference on sacred sites and the 5D Dimensional Shift, while living in Norway.
Christine has been working with individuals and groups, teaching communication and Ascension Mastery Skills assisting others on their own personal journey of awakening & embodiment to the True Essence of their Higher Self.