About Deanna Verck

Deanna Gabriel Vierck CCH CN is an energy healer, certified clinical herbalist, clinical nutritionist and flower essence practitioner. She has a passion for assisting others who seek personal evolution through self-discovery and is known for her joy, warmth and accessibility as a practitioner and teacher. She holds a BS in Biology, Public Relations and Earth Science from Central Missouri State University. Deanna received her clinical training in plant medicines at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO.

Deanna’s work as a Healer and Flower Essence Practitioner is unique and powerful. Using heart-centered energy healing in combination with Essences of Flowers and Stones and assistance from Angels and other Light Beings creates a healing experience that is tailored to fit each person’s current needs. Deanna has dedicated years to exploring the powerful ways that plant energies impact all aspects of human health and spiritual evolution. Inspired by the relationship between humans and plants, she developed her own unique system of applying flower essences topically to chakra points. Deanna’s sessions provide the opportunity to heal human pain and facilitate greater expression of love, truth and purpose in the lives of her clients. As a result of Deanna’s work, her clients find greater presence and experience transformations of their consciousness and spirit along with improvements in personal relationships, emotional health and internal thought processes.

Deanna is the former faculty member at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO where she served for 7 years as Flower Essence Program Director. During her time at the school Deanna worked intimately with second year students as they completed the clinical internship portion of their studies. Her practitioner mentorship focused on the development of compassionate presence, recognizing patterns of human struggle as they relate to flower remedies and in depth understanding of flower essences from around the world. Additionally, Deanna lectured first year students on the use and preparation of herbal remedies and the clinical use and application of flower essence therapies. Deanna loves the classroom experience and also hosts private workshops. To learn more about Deanna’s offerings or to connect with her directly visit www.DeannaGabrielVierck.com