About Aileta Grace

Aileta Grace is the Higher Self of Deborah Reyes, an attorney in a metropolitan police department who is focused on Divine Law and creating peace and harmony on the planet. A conscious walk in, she also remembers her origins in the Orion star system and is here on Earth to assist in the release of war trauma from Gaia. Deborah has been channeling as Aileta Grace for nearly 40 years and she works with the spiritual guides of her clients to share advice on stepping into personal power and the Ascension process.

Born and raised in New York City, this Boricua came from strong spiritual roots, born to a family where her grandfather and great grandfather served as spiritualists, mediums and healers in Puerto Rico and on the mainland. She has been an open channel from the age of 5 and speaks directly with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Beings, and Planetary Logos. During a 35 year career as a lawyer, Corrections & Law Enforcement official and advocate working towards a justice system that creates opportunities for people to transform and serve a higher purpose, Aileta Grace has served in many capacities in both public and private sectors. In addition to her work with youth and families who have been exposed to cycles of violence and abuse, she provides mediation and restorative justice services. She is developing her new spiritual website divinelightlaw.com which is a place to build a mystical bridge between what we perceive as our governmental, legal, political & judicial systems, and the evolving universal spiritual “laws” of a 5th Dimensional Earth which will enhance our ability to grow and serve humanity in newer ways, with greater compassion, empathy and universal love. Her upcoming book, By Decree, The Musings of a Light Lawyer will be released in 2019. Deborah is devoted to serve as an example of the deep knowingness that this is the wondrous NOW moment for all those aware of the great energies present that assist us, to step fully into full divinity.