About Debrah Goetz

“Deb Goetz (pronounced “Gets”) is an internationally recognized activator, transformational energy healer and way-shower of the new earth. As an energetic conduit for various Light Beings, Deb is a medical intuitive, medium, ascension guide, and quantum healer.

Her mission is to activate humanity’s previously lost potential. Now that the Earth has shifted to the faster-pulsating energy of the 5th dimension, Deb believes we are regenerating the return of the masters that we truly are. Holding a vision of living in a fully awakened harmonious world, Deb helps clients reconnect with their authentic Selves to thrive spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

As early as she can remember, Deb was on a truth-seeking quest – searching for the Divine, searching for meaning. During that quest, she studied and voraciously studied psychology, physics, new thought, astrology, and metaphysics, which provided her understanding and wisdom that fueled passion for her work. After her spiritual awakening in 1987, Deb began practicing an ancient Japanese healing modality. Since then, her Guides have assisted in reawakening within her, latent healing techniques including Deb’s innovative Quantum Acupuncture and Galactic Chiropractic.

We know that our physical bodies have the ability to heal themselves; sometimes we just need a little help. During remote and in-person healing sessions, Deb works with healing masters and the individual’s Higher Self, and innate body (the wise body) to energetically restore vibrant health to all systems. Deb’s work is entirely intuitive, meaning she doesn’t use tools such as crystals or tuning forks. She intuits information and often utilizes ‘energetic’ tools such as quantum stem cell injections or etheric crystals, revitalizing her clients’ energetic and physical bodies to live the vibrant, healthy lives they were intended to live.

Coming from a fulfilling career as an interior designer, Deb is now an interior designer for the hearts of humanity.”