About Denise Marie

Denise’s work focuses on aligning your life to your soul’s calling. Denise’s guides took her beyond the illusion of time and space. She visited the higher realms and then brought those higher frequencies to earth to help all of humanity awaken.

Denise offers Spiritual nourishment and support to bring your mind, body and emotions into alignment with Divine Love. Her Soul’s mission is to be Consciousness for individuals. Loving, spacious kindness for transformation and awakening.

She holds a space of deep Presence and a field of unconditional love, where many people have a direct experience of their Divine Soul. You will be guided through the internal shifts to your energy and consciousness. She can feel and sense where your energy is blocked and will guide you to release any blockages so you can embody more love and light. You will feel more relaxed, energized, and more connected to your body and Soul.

Denise Marie channels Divine Love and facilitates deep cellular activations, alignments and attunements to help you move into a Fifth Dimensional energy stream.