About Diana Burney RN, BSN, M.Ed., RM, D.Div.

Rev. Diana Burney RN, BSN, M.ED., D.D. is the author of the Award-Winning books, Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life and Spiritual Balancing: A Guidebook for Living in the Light. She has been performing remote Spiritual Clearings worldwide for nearly 30 years for hundreds of thousands of people, homes, businesses, and animals, as well as several disaster situations. She has been a guest on radio and TV shows including the BBC, Art Bell’s Coast to Coast and Uri Gellar. Her resume includes experience as a clinical instructor, adult educator, hospital department director, and clinical hypnotherapist. She was ordained in the Spiritualist Church of Sedona, AZ in 1993. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Magnified Healing Practitioner. She obtained a Doctor of Divinity degree from the College of Divine Metaphysics. Her third book, Archangel Clearings: A Manual to Release Unwanted Energies, was published in 2019.

She is also an “Energetic Ghostbuster,” and she provides remote Spiritual Clearings for people, dwellings, businesses, animals, and properties worldwide. These Energy Clearings, like Feng Shui, can remove negative, imbalanced, or stagnated energies in any location. All Spiritual Clearings are preformed from a distance (remotely), so Diana does not need to be physically present during the Clearing process.