About Diana Dentinger

Diana Dentinger makes Personal Growth easier, more exact and more effective. As Creator of the only 21st Century Personality Profile called Your Life Your Way, she blends practicality with spirituality so each individual is crystal clear on how to uniquely create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Awarded one of the Top 100 World Women Achievers in 2018, Diana was called “A Woman of Substance” for the profoundness of her Coaching Methodology. She is seen as an Influential Thought Leader because of her over 20 years of rigorous scientific research, adding her experience as a Neurobiology Psychosomatic Illness therapist to how she catalyses long lasting change in Individuals and Corporate Teams.

Diana feels she is here to “disrupt” the superficial Self Help Industry that often takes people off their life path to follow others, as well as the New Age Industry that proposes many “feel good” programs that exclude “biological” self knowing and how to apply innate talents for happiness and health.

She is an expert in Symbology and Etymology helping clients create their “holographic” self image for more clarity, feel their personal metaphor for more confidence and decode their life circumstances to feel resourceful no matter what.

Diana is a Number One Best Selling Author for her book “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” and has collaborated on many books such as: “Pure Genius”, “Here’s How I Did It Vol 2”, “Journey to Success Vol 2” and “Do More Be More”.

She has been seen on over 200 major media channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, The Boston Globe and Miami Herald for her inspirational work in the “Women of Meaning” project for Executives & Entrepreneurs to “Find Meaning to Find Yourself”. She inspires people on stages worldwide.

Diana’s vision is “A More Meaningful Life for the Many” and her daily mission is to “Provide Personal Empowerment Programs to People of all ages at prices most can afford”. She is now expanding her reach globally training Facilitators to coach their clients with the Your Life Your Way Personality Profile and Methodology.