About Dorothy Stone

Dorothy Stone has been a Massage Therapist for 30 years. Her background started in the field of medicine as an Oncology Nurse and, later, in Arts Administration. Her focus for many years has been centered around holistic healing.  Her private practice incorporates Mastery Reflexology, Reiki, Ashiatsu and Therapeutic Sound.  As an artist, Dorothy paints unique medicine images on Native American style drums and rattles, and creates other sacred tools for sound and shamanic practitioners. She leads sound circles and meditations locally.  She has studied Restorative Yoga and merges that practice with the art of sacred sound. With Zacciah, her partner of 15 years, she uses her skilled voice and wisdom to draw us in to ever deeper states of realization during their practices, and assists with classes, retreats and journeys to sacred sites worldwide, through The Center of Light.