About Dr. Edwige Bingue

Dr. Edwige – is a Metaphysical Practitioner , Light code activator, author and spiritual advisor. In service to humanity she has become the living embodiment of the Cosmic Mother or to the indigenous peoples the Peacock Goddess. She ushers in change as surrogate of divine femininity. By demonstrating what is achievable by us all. She has come to assist and guide us through the many processes of Ascension and to usher in the Feminine Healing necessary for the Great Shift.

As a Light code activator, her work is done on a cellular level, raising your frequency through light language, reaching deep into your core to clear old memories and programs and to activate your higher consciousness and you as a multi-dimensional being. These light codes will help to unlock your divine blueprint awakening your DNA and activation of your Crystalline Lightbody.

She declares that we are all that holds us back from inner-peace and succeeding, and will show how to experience expansion into your multiverse reality and your next powerful step in evolution.
Her award winning book “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” will change the way you see the “Awakening” while answering the age old question of “Are we alone?