About Dr. Eivor G Johansson

After 20+ years of manifesting my mission to build a solid foundation and empower Executives and Business owners to inspire heart coherent right actions for their team and organization, making the world a better place, I’m so excited to share that experience with you so you too can make a 6-7 figure purpose business.

Hey there. I’m Dr. Eivor G Johansson, an unshakable optimist, an alchemist, and expansive creatrix activist. By default, I dived into the abyss of blind spots, to reach the highest height of business acumen. Globally I’ve inspired, empowered and worked with private clients and organizations in a transitory stage. Initially I was so inspired by the exceptional individuals and organizations I knew I could assist in optimizing their potentials, and to help build a stronger backbone with visionary creative solutions to organizational ‘A’ players and leaders.

Born in Sweden I got my Doctor in Psychology. I moved to NYC NY at twenty-seven to challenge my business acumen as I’m hardwired to break through old paradigm and assist organizations to optimize their businesses. To earn my mission, I had to go through the entire spectrum of self-mastery trials and tribulation.

In consulting executives, I exhibit solutions, teach and apply them successfully. What I’ve discovered and know, just like my own experiences, is that a new internal infrastructure for a successful permanent business life is required. Deficit consciousness, visionary fears, displaced anger, lack of real knowledge, clear focused direction, micro-, macro communication and focus on a clear concise goal were some of the acknowledgments.

My mission is to see all millennials, X, and Y generations business leaders of today have an even stronger backbone and creative visionary solutions to get ahead and stay above of the competition with heart coherency and to exponentially grow to heights they never knew existed.

Unique Ingredient:

  • Through my unique sensory gifts, I pinpoint your matrix. We personalize a strategy to uplevel subconscious blocks, lessons, to build and accelerate your business from formlessness.
  • BALANCE EQ & IQ, 3D & 5D, calibrate all DNA from different timelines.
  • Alchemically change so you may tango between your thoughts, have great fun and joy navigating instant manifestation.