About Ginny Jablonski

In 2001 Ginny retired from a career in the field of private security to focus on resolving emerging medical issues, including debilitating pain and fatigue. From the very first consultation with doctors Ginny was prescribed narcotics which she adamantly refused. She believed her issues would quickly be resolved and she would return to the profession she loved.

As the years passed by so did multiple misdiagnoses and a litany of non-narcotic prescription medications. Eight years later in 2009 her doctor announced that he had given up trying to find the cause of her symptoms and handed her a Fentanyl lollipop.

Believing her medical doctors that there was “no other option” to treat her chronic pain she resolved that she would not be returning to work and surrendered to the allopathic/mainstream medical solution: opioids. Over the years, as her body continuously built up a tolerance to the Fentanyl, Ginny’s doctor continued to increase the dosage to 125 mcg.

In 2013 Ginny’s heart stopped beating in the middle of the night and she had a near-death experience (NDE). In this experience she was transported out of her body into a bright white light and given the option to leave her life by a man who looked very much like Jesus. Although it was very tempting to leave this life behind, she was encouraged by a group of horses and donkeys to return to her uncertain life as she felt there was something important she needed to accomplish.

She knew that she had to discontinue Fentanyl if she wanted to live, but her doctors offered no help. In fact they did not recommend discontinuing the medication. In her desire to regain her health she eagerly pursued complementary therapies and healing which she had no previous knowledge of or exposure to whatsoever. Like many experiencers have done she researched a variety of religious philosophies, alternative healing modalities and traveled extensively to receive healing from many “masters.”

By January 2015 Ginny was able to completely break free of all opioid prescription medications. As Ginny was navigating her healing and spiritual education she realized that she could see various energies around humans and animals, and she was able to communicate with animals and non-physical spirits telepathically. She desperately wanted to understand what she was seeing and hearing, and more importantly why it was happening to her.

Throughout her travels and healing experiences Ginny has studied numerous energy healing modalities for both humans and animals. She eagerly promotes a compassionate message of forgiveness and oneness with her clients and in public venues where she promotes complementary healing modalities.

Recently, Ginny has become active in lobbying at the state(s) and federal level regarding the opioid crisis. She continues to reach out to various groups with her story in an effort to support the field of chiropractic medicine and other complementary healing modalities in the hopes that we can potentially limit the future use of unnecessary prescription drugs in our country. She is also passionate about sharing her NDE with others.