HIra Hosen

About HiRa Hosèn

For over a decade, HiRa Hosèn is an ordained Buddhist zen nun, now an international meditation facilitator living with her family in Egypt. HiRa initially came to planet Earth to catalyse the great shift of global awakening. Now, she feels mass Ascension is well ‘en route’, so she can focus on her deepest passion: TO BE. By Being, HiRa channels Divine Source into Earth and our Human Collective.

HiRa offers 1-on-1 private onlineAscension Sessions, online RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes with Ascension Activations, Sacred Site Tours & Workshops, healings, Sacred Initiations, Unity grid & Stargate activations, Heart activations, Light Language Channeling, DNA & Source light code activations.

Since 2012, HiRa gives worldwide ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ (ATIH) workshops as a certified teacher of the mystery School of Remembering©, founded by Drunvalo Melchizedek, USA. HiRa was formed by Drunvalo, all the while following up her training till his last advanced ‘Cosmic Grace’ workshop in Sedona, 2015