About Jeilene Tracey

Jeilene Tracey is a Vibrational Geneticist who channels light and sound vibrations to create shifts in the energetic, emotional and physical elements of the body. Working with multidimensional light beings, she identifies areas of imbalance, disease, and disharmony in the body and channels specific tones to address each one.

The Vibrational Genetics modality was developed by Jeilene during her work with clients as a BodyTalk practitioner when she began to connect with several multidimensional beings who offered their help and guidance during healing sessions.  One such group is a council of compassionate guides known as the Mantis.  The Mantis are an ancient race of beings who are here in support of Earth’s and humanity’s ascension.  They are adept healers and geneticists who bring their wisdom and insight to Earth during this unprecedented time of change and potential for the human population.  Jeilene’s interest in science and DNA began at an early age, and as she later discovered, was encouraged by her Mantis guides throughout her life.  The Mantis emanate deep compassion and create the space for healing and resolution of discordant electromagnetic and emotional energy effecting the physical body through the use of sound.  They offer their wisdom of the Earth, how the new electromagnetic environment we live in can be understood and adjusted to, and how to incorporate sound into your life for healing and well-being for all of us.

Through Jeilene’s work with the Mantis and other extra-dimensional beings, she has reawakened her deep connection to the Earth and it’s healing power. As we are an integral part of the whole Gaian system, humans function best when in active relationship with Earth and the Web of Life.  Earth represents a key component to our healing, longevity and well-being, knowledge that indigenous and ancient peoples all across our globe have understood for thousands of years.  Through the Mantid’s teaching, Jeilene has learned how to channel the song of the Earth Logos to bring healing, guidance and DNA re-alignment to a higher resonance.

Jeilene received her degree in Biology from Smith College with an emphasis on Molecular Biology, and spent 15 years in the biotech industry working for cutting edge start-ups focused on revolutionizing healthcare through novel ways of understanding human genetics and the microbiome.  At the age of 39, she began her awakening journey, sparked by several personal aspects of her life that created the need for growth and expansion of consciousness.  This began a multi-year discovery process of the metaphysical world that led to a complete shift in every aspect of her life and continues to this day.  Jeilene has studied several healing modalities such as Reiki, ThetaHealing, Shamanism, BodyTalk, and Herbology.  Her sessions are inspired by these practices and she uses aspects of each when appropriate to offer the highest potential for healing and change.