About Jewels Dela Teria Arnes

Jewels was once a Star (as in astronomy). She also has vivid recall of her experience emerging from Source as an individual. Another existence as a Creator Being, evolving the composition of DNA, has come full circle as she is called to do the same in this lifetime, Consciously and experientially. Jewels was catapulted into the deep end of her Soul’s Journey by the death of a dear friend, from a rapidly progressive cancer. Shortly thereafter, Dolores Canon showed up in her kitchen (a year after she passed), telling Jewels she needed to take her course in QHHT (Quantum Hypnotherapy & Healing Technique). QHHT deepened Jewels’ connection with her Soul Family,The Council of Light, and more fully opened her channels of communication with them. As Jewels was following the breadcrumbs the Council of Light were casting upon her like pearls, bringing Jewels key information at opportune times that clicked into place bringing wholeness to the parts.

Jewels is energetically and genetically hardwired with the desire to Accelerate Ascension. She is innately driven to engage in life in ways that raise the Consciousness of the Beings on the Planet. She was Divinely orchestrated as the Creation of Infynite Gold unfolded.
Jewels calls upon you to embrace the limitlessness of your own personal expansion as well as the contributions your presence on this planet is here to Activate throughout the Multiverse. She brings to you Infynite Gold, Consciously Created Skincare for the Body, Mind and Spirit to support you in this and accelerate your Ascension.