About Jewels Arnes

Jewels, the Founder of Eternal Gold, has been practicing Vibrational Therapy for decades. With a vast background in multiple healing modalities she truly knows how to identify the root of disease, allowing her to bring the frequency of youth and vitality into the cells through coded skincare. Reversing aging isn’t combining the latest chemical cocktail, it is taking ancient elements and specific energetic frequencies to recode the cells to hold the intelligence of eternal youth and elevate beyond the program of aging.

Taking Anti-Aging to the next level, Jewels evolved the transformative applications of skin care by developing products that awakens human potential, transcending perceived limitations of Cellular Regeneration and elevate the biology to reverse aging. Skincare that unlocks the keys to ETERNAL Beauty.

Eternal Gold High Frequency Beauty, includes a powerful blend of Ancient ORMUS Gold (Orbited Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), Scalar Energy that is coded to advance cellular intelligence and Nanoparticles of Gold to provide you with the most advanced Living Skincare Line in the world. This is Skin Care of the Future NOW!