Joanna Ross

About Joanna Ross

Joanna, Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth, Public Speaker, and Author, has been on her ascension path after an awakening occurred close to 9 years ago, after the birth of her daughter.  Her intense journey of self-discovery, mystical unfolding, and her reuniting with greater conscious awareness to her spirit guide team, celestial team, and ever-heightened awareness to the Universal energies that rule our reality experience, all stones in the path has lead her to here and now.  Joanna offers private and group ascension events, where participants gain in-depth insights and wisdom about Universal energy, human potential, and how to gain greater intimacy with all aspects of life and the magical unveiling of a 5th dimensional new earth.  Her successful ‘extraordinary,’ event, ‘First Contact Symposium,’ is now going ‘on the road,’ to inspire the multitudes of people awakening every day into the understanding that ‘there is more to this life than we ever thought.’

In release of her first book, ‘5th Dimensional Consciousness, Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact’ we are excited to tap into the energy of ascension, new earth frequency, and how we can unleash our highest potential in this lifetime and rediscover our link with Source, Creation, and our cosmic life.  Join us as we explore this exciting discussion and cosmic dialogue to awakening your profound potential to rise up to the 5th dimensional frequency where unlimited possibilities await.