Julie Umpleby

About Julie Umpleby

Julie is a ‘non nonsense’ spiritual guide, cutting through a quagmire of misinformation to assist you in aligning your being with your unique contribution to support a rapidly changing world. A futurist, scientist, mystic, spiritual guide and alchemist, she works multidimensionally to bring you into deeper alignment with your soul essence. The founder of Diamond Light World, Julie is also an international speaker & is regularly invited to speak alongside many leaders of the transformation age. Her work with the diamond consciousness was brought into being ‘ahead of its time’ 17 years ago and is now being recognized for the power and support it brings to your individual transformation and living evolutionary journey (often referred to as Ascension).

With a Bsc degree in life sciences and a number of technical qualifications that facilitated her management career in the corporate world, she is also a practitioner and teacher of The Diamond Light Grid Alignment, Diamond Reiki, Colour Therapy, Timelock Bodywork, and Metaphysical healing. In all of her work, she bridges science and metaphysical to create a deep understanding of the soul journey we are each undertaking and shares her deep wisdom through multi-layered energetic processes to support your healing, expansion and Source alignment.