About Kate O’Leary

I was born a highly sensitive soul.  Everything in the world affected me to the extreme.  Sounds, light, energy, touch, and emotions impacted me to the point of wanting to retreat from the world.  In my personal search for relief from my anxious sense of overwhelm I became trained in psychology.  Unfortunately, traditional counseling never held the answers nor provided the relief I was looking for.

Over the years I began to study holistic modalities that include Somatic Psychology, Neuro-emotional Technique, Complementary Color Therapy, and Transformational Kinesiology.  I studied esoteric psychology and met with many gurus.  Yet, it was not until I realized that my sensitivities were not a curse but a gift that things began to change.  Embracing my sensitivities and empathic abilities unlocked the door to my unique ability to work with the different qualities of the earth’s harmonic codes.  In 2017 I was guided to take a journey to South America that reconnected me to the gift of my soul’s purpose in using earth energy to heal.