Kehau Hori

About Kehau Hori

I was born in Kealakekua, Hawaii and have lived my younger years in Holualoa, Hawaii on a 20 acre coffee farm with every kind of tropical fruit, trees, flowers and medicinal plants that appeared like magic wherever and whenever it wanted to.

I was groomed as a child by my mother, Emma Hori and her mom, Martina Melekina Kekuewa Fuentevilla to learn about the plants around me and it’s healing abilities, how to read signs in nature, to learn to observe all aspects of nature and to revere her. I learned to read the signs the animals gave of impending dangers or arrival of storms. The ocean wind, waves and animals of the sea also gave us warnings of when it was time to head in from the ocean or get out of the water.

I was taught to honor Akua (God) and give him thanks and praise at any and all times of the day and night. It was an ongoing conversation with Akua and my spiritual guides which could take the form of wind, rain, clouds, sun, moon, stars, animals and even brief moments of a stranger passing by. Grandma Melekina would say, “You’ll never know if Tutu Pele (Grandmother Pele — Fire Goddess) is disguised as a young woman, a motherly figure or as a tutu when she comes to visit. She may even come in the form of a white dog. Always be generous and give your Aloha whole heartedly, to those you know and even more to those who you meet.”

At the age 7 I joined Ulalia Ka’ai Berman’s, Halau Hula ‘O Ulalia. My first class was exciting; we were dancing and chanting ancient songs of my Tutu Pele that grandma had spoken of. I felt Pele’s energy in every word and movement. I excelled at chanting and memorizing the words almost immediately where I would be placed with the adult chanters for public performances. Since Mom would drop me off to classes and leave she had no idea what I was learning. When I was home on the farm doing my chores I would chant to Pele and practice my songs. To mom that was sacred and she did not understand the words. Mom knew there was power in the words and worried that a curse could befall me for doing it incorrectly or jealousy of someone who practiced dark kahuna (black magic) would injure me. She immediately called her mom, Melekina. Grandma came up and I did my chants with pride to show her now I really know Tutu Pele! Grandma had the biggest smile and her light radiated to fill the whole room, she smiled at mom and said, “Don’t worry, she is doing everything correctly and she is being protected by our ancestors in the spirit world. This is one of her gifts!”

Being groomed in the old Hawaiian ways, my intuition and connection to the spirit world has always been very natural for me and has been a gift to be cherished. I use these gifts today to help others on their paths of life. I asked grandma as child, “but, how do I find these people that Akua wants me to help???” Her answer, “They will find you!!!”