About Letina Russell

Born as a highly sensitive intuitive, Letina remembers the call of the dolphins and whales beginning in her teenage years. Wondering how to heed the call, when her youngest children (twins) were born in 2004, Letina immersed herself in the world of Chinese Metaphysics, and was fascinated with how this information came into the hands of man.

Further exploration of different levels of consciousness led her to work with the Reiki and Chiron Healing modalities, and she fell in love with spirit healing. From this connection with spirit, Letina began extensive training in mediumship, and began to continually feel the love and guidance of her spirit guide flowing through her.

She came to know one of these guides as her Lemurian guide self, and at this time also began channelling the consciousness of the whales – known to her as the Whale Unity Heart – bringing information about Lemuria, our original home, and messages of love and healing for all.

Through her work with the whales and the Lemurian Sisterhood Global network, Letina has received the Language of Lemurian Unity (a light language with awakening symbols), and developed The Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel which serve to re-awaken our memories of our time in Lemuria, our current inherent spiritual gifts and talents, and how we can bring them actively into our lives today.

Between August – October each year, Letina facilitates spiritual awakening retreats with the Humpback Whales in Queensland, Australia and French Polynesia. Letina facilitates the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles in Melbourne, Australia and offers one to one awakening sessions, open to all.

Through our knowledge of who we truly are, and when we allow ourselves to shine, we awaken the Lemurian within, uncovering the sacred gifts we hold, and bringing awareness to the sacred and divine nature of our beings.