About Linda Jarrett

My spiritual journey began when I was twenty four years old. This was the age at which I started to be clairvoyant, as a consequence of a personal loss which was the catalyst for great change in my life. I lost my second child, a baby who died at the age of eight months. Soon after, doors opened for me to connect with the many angels, earth guides, celestial beings, and ascended masters that are around us all providing constant and loving support.

As I went about my daily life, working in a number of commercial roles and bringing up a young family. I managed to find time to explore and understand this gift of clairvoyance. I started training in healing and meditation and it was not long before I had trained as a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Angel Healer Therapist and Meditation Teacher and qualified in essential oils blending. As my practice as a healer evolved, I became aware of the many rainbow angels. These are angels that specialise in healing with the vibration of colour, and they offer great gifts of balance, harmony, relaxation and inspiration. I then became aware of the powerful presence of the many Temples of Golden Light placed around the world for our spiritual benefit. I felt very drawn to the beauty and power of the temples. I have channelled 144 temples. I have written a book called The Temples of Golden Light, recorded six Meditation Albums on MP3 Downloads and CDs, I have designer my own Temples of Golden Light Oracle Cards and created Aromatherpy Affirmation Creams.

Linda Jarrett is an Author, Writer, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Clairvoyant, and Light Language Channel. She is honoured to be the ambassador for the 144 Temples of Golden Light. She has channelled this work to be able to help people to heal themselves.