About Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari

Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari is a 21st Century Philosopher, Professional Name Analyst and Author of Name Reality. Name Reality is a result of the author’s relentless quest in search of answers to life itself. There is nothing more important or fascinating to each individual than his or her own personal life. There is not one human being who would not master his own individual life if he could.

From an early age Lyon questioned our very existence? A sequence of events prompted Lyon to discover his past which led him to his first spiritual mentor who took him way beyond past lives and the physical frequencies of this planet. Soon after, his second mentor, also at Oracle level, advanced his learning of energy and vibration linked to healing. Lyon’s third mentor, a homeopathic intuitive doctor completed the circle of knowledge. In 2010 Lyon diverged down a scientific path linking energy and vibration to one’s names that changed his life forever. This documented system was originally used in ancient times by enlightened families to name their children for a prosperous happy and healthy life.

When you see for yourself how accurate this system is, you will understand why it has been kept under wraps.