About Mahalia Michael

Mahalia restored her brain from multiple head traumas, and renewed her life from PTSD and a cycle of dysfunction and disability.   She now coaches others to do the same as a teacher, inventor, sound alchemist and star being channel. The whale and dolphin multi-dimensional consciousness awakened her buried abilities of remote viewing, clairaudience, clairsentience and medical intuition guiding her to use her voice to transform pain into pleasure.  Founder of the Brain-Bliss Academy and creator of ten in depth brain and body transformational programs, Mahalia leads clients to higher states of vibrational health that liberates self empowerment. With twenty five years experience on the leading edge of human acceleration, trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts and blessed to share the restorative whale and dolphin technology, Mahalia offers ‘Ocean Gold’ to those ready to let go and live their dreams.