About Master Chan

Master Chan (A.K.A. Toubayachi Chansiti) is an 11D Ascended Master who was originally from Arcturus. He lived 3 lifetimes on Earth, with his most recent ascension being from Atlantis during its Golden Age 34,500 years ago. In that lifetime, he was a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor, representing a path of Awakening offered by the Collective of ET Ascended Masters which has not been taught on Earth for 26,000 years until Jaraan & SomRa began to share these teachings. Master Chan ascended at the age of 543 during a meditation while on retreat near what is now known as Burnsville, North Carolina. He now channels through Jaraan, sharing with his loving, light-hearted manner stories of his last life and the many teachings that led to his ascension.