About Maya Boston

Maya is a Light Language Channel and Activator, Gong Sound bath Practitioner and Intuitive Coach.

Accessing skills from life times as a High Priestess of Lemuria, Atla-Ra and Ancient Egypt, Tibetan Monk and many cosmic expressions, her work empowers each individual to expand into their Divine Sovereignty. Combining Light Language codes and energy activations to fast track your personal growth, Ascension Process and to return you to your original Divine HU-man Template.

Trusting her intuition and guidance, Maya has followed her heart to Master Teachers and Healers, as well as sacred sites around the world, where she received activations for the many gifts she has incorporated into her work. These experiences, through the process of self-love, awakened an inner knowing to reveal lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life’s purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound.

Maya is assisting many around the world with her Light Language and Gong Sound Bath Activations and Harmonics; bridging unity consciousness by merging the chakras into one chakra – the Heart chakra, assisting with the merging of the two hemispheres of the brain, and the various brainwave states (alpha, beta, theta) into the higher vibrations of Gamma brainwaves (5D Brain state), to bring you into your multi-dimensional self; grounded in your heart-centred consciousness.

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