Miguel Dean

About Miguel Dean

Miguel’s Life mission in service and Love of the Divine Feminine (Goddess) was begun at 7 months old when he lost his mother. From this challenging start to life Miguel spiraled down into a life of violence, addiction and homelessness but the love of his new born son inspired him to take responsibility and make changes.

For the last 20 years he has been immersed in the ‘twin paths’ of healing and transformation which can be summarized as an inner journey to heal his own wounds facilitated and complimented by his contribution to service to others and spiritually rooted social change.

Initially working with disadvantaged young people for many years, Miguel has now evolved into a profoundly effective catalyst for change and facilitator of the marriage of the divine masculine and feminine. In his one to one Healing conversations that he offers, the Shakti energy moving through him enables him to Be and hold a safe place for woman so that she can release and open and heal leading to her blossoming and flowering. For men he inspires them to feel what they need to feel and return to the realm of the heart for their own and the collective’s healing. His intuitive- sensitive nature and honest, authentic and open heartedness are amongst the gifts he has to share in his passion to serve and ease the transition, from what no longer serves humanity and the planet, into what is increasingly being known as’ the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible’