About Patience Parker

Patience Parker is a 3rd generation clairvoyant and medium.

Growing up in England with a mother and grandmother both gifted with the divine spirit, Patience, at a very early age, communicated with past family members and pets thinking this was the norm. Only when she went to boarding school, mixing with other children she realized they did not have the same gifts as her mother and grandmother.

Through meditation and visualization other spiritual abilities became clearer and enhanced including, medical intuitive, pet communicator, energy healer, palm reader and experiences in astral projection.

While traveling extensively in the last 30 years throughout Europe & North America Patience worked with various clientelle in a wide range of services.

She also  provides  pro bono work with law enforcement agencies by giving locations and insights into victims and perpetrators.

As a spiritual life coach Patience has healed  many clients, answered their questions, brought communications with their passed loved ones and guides, along with educating them  with visualization and meditation, to learn how to heal themselves though soul enlightenment and  healing  body, mind and spirit .

Her upcoming book on her many experiences with client readings  will be released in 2020 along with her second book on visualization and healing based on mind over matter principals.