About Prageet & Julieanne

“It is time to awaken. It is time to remember who you are. It is time to be free.”

The beauty of The Stargate is that it creates a very strong but very gentle energetic – a multitude of levels of energy which are attuned to you individually.

And this attunement – this vibration – supports you in dissolving old limitations which are no longer serving you. And it assists you in beginning to access that which we call your Superconsciousness – the real you – the brilliance that you have within.

The Stargate is here to assist you in discovering your true self.

It is not hard work, it is simply relaxing into benevolent, supportive energies connecting you to many guides and many dimensional realities that are available to assist… To uplift you… To begin to show you the vastness of this existence, far beyond that which you have experienced before.