About Queen Michele

Queen’s career in education (elementary/middle school) spans across the country, and for 27 years. She is certified in Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia. In 2015, she retired. Still needing to supplement her income, she worked various jobs; curriculum designer for a software company, Uber/Lyft driver, Postmates delivery, secret shopper, merchandising, shutter driver and Airbnb host. In 2016, she moved to Mexico, realizing she would always have to work to supplement. During her first year of living abroad, Queen began a journey of self-discovery. She wrote her first book about the experience of moving to Mexico. It’s entitled “Considerations: A Guide for Moving Abroad.”

Queen has dedicated much time in meditation and in the study of deliberate conscious creation of one’s reality. Eventually, she began writing about the insights she received from the Universe. Her second book (ebook only) is entitled, “The Road to Wellbeing.” In 2019, Queen created her own Brand Considerations of the Soul for the continuation of her writings. Her third book, “Traveling Home Together” was released January 18, 2020. Her website contains a biweekly blog entitled Flowing and Growing. Also, a monthly blog called Keeping Tabs in Mexico, which is a sequel of her first book to highlight the continuation of her adventures in Mexico. Products featuring the COTS logo such as mugs, tote bags, journals, and pillows are also featured on her website. Having found her life’s path and purpose Queen endeavors to encourage people to look withIN (self), rather than withOUT (external world) to discover their true essence and purpose for existence in this Earth realm.