About Raphael Weisman

Raphael Weisman is a retired luthier and harp-maker. Born in South Africa, he lived in Jerusalem, London, Laguna Beach CA, Questa NM and currently lives in Santa Fe, NM. He is a channel for the love and guidance of The Angels and Beings of Light. Raphael is a visionary and channel, an author, a poet, an editor and writer.

He loves to dance, and is an avid hiker and a lover of trees and the Nature Kingdom. He is a musician and loves to sing and to jam on flute, harp, saxophone and harmonica. He is an advocate and supplier of Shungite for protection from EMFs, a trainer and facilitator of HeartThread® and an Emotion Code® facilitator. He is a minister in the Open Catholic Church. Raphael facilitates Medicine Water Wheel Ceremonies for the blessing of the waters and consults clients on how to build them. He founded the non-profit Healing the Scars, Inc to provide healing from the effects of war, trauma, abuse and violence. He is the author of The Path of the Spiritual Warrior by The New Earth Council and is an editor. Raphael has done extensive research into the Ancient Mysteries and the interconnection between all the wisdom traditions.