About Shelley Ackrill

Shelley Ackrill is an Energy Healer, Channel and Spiritual Counselor.

Shelley was born an empathic healer specializing in energetic healing. She’s been a healer for many lifetimes and even suffered in Salem. She knew at an early age her life was going to be different. Feeling the energy surrounding people made it hard to fit in. Today, she is guided to be of service to others. Shelley has direct channelled communication with Spirit and Archangel Michael. Her powerful guided journeys into the Rocky Mountain at Lake Louise with Archangel Michael, connected her with her given abilities to help those in need and ready for assistance. Shelley tunes into your energy to help clear what is blocking you from better health. She has been channelling, healing and transforming lives for over 25 years.

Shelley was Divinely led by Spirit to bring Energetic Stem Cell Therapy into being in January 2018 to employ this healing energy for balance, harmony and wellbeing.

She is here on a mission to assist people in clearing energy patterns through releasing negative energy and bringing in all that is good.