About Sheryl Ann Noday

Sheryl Ann Noday, founder of Art The Silent Healer™ Trance Channel/ Medium/ Healer, Spiritual Educator and Visionary Artist

Sheryl brings a spiritual alchemy which facilitates Love Consciousness in her channeling of Siria Family, Ascended Masters, Chief White Feather and Dolphin Consciousness. From the realms of Sirius, Beings of Light, known as “Siria Family”,who speak of LOVE, healing, self integration, thus offering powerful, transformational transmissions. They love touching our hearts illuminating the light from within. Siria Family often sings the songs of Sirius with loud vibrational healing tones, a language of light. A renowned international practice which expands nearly 3 decades offering private consultations, classes, and workshops. Gatherings are interactive, being in the presence of Spirit through Sheryl you are met with absolute love. Attendees often feel a vibrational shift, a raising of their consciousness to that of the Higher Self. Vibrational insights, ah-ha moments occur and love is shared. Siria Family & Sheryl are dedicated to the “art of healing” by looking at the depth of soul’s issues offering unique perspectives to ignite the “spark of divine consciousness within”. New realities emerge, miracles shine through illuminating the idea, that

“Life is but a Dream”.

Siria Family was invited to speak on “Grounding the Environment” at Chicago’s Green Fest in 2011 at the nationally acclaimed Mc Cormick Place, the first festival of this kind to present trance channeling and to introduce the Light Languages through tones of Sirius. Sheryl channeled Siria Family in Los Angeles at “The Gateway Portal” for the major solstice of our life time, “Celebrate the Shift, Be the Shift”, 12/21/2012. IN partnership with Spirit both are facilitating ground breaking healing that speak of universal light,on the spirit, the mental, emotional and physical to realign, remove, restore and repair, seeing inside ones energy field where energy repairs are being made. She is the founder of “Art The Silent Healer”, creating visionary paintings, soul/spirit drawings whereby each piece is a portal into a persons soul and spirit. She is a three time Recipient, juried by James Rondeau, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. She has produced, directed and channeled, the first channeling film on crystal skulls, “The Voices of Crystal Skull Consciousness”, a short film. She has been interviewed on the subject of Trance Channeling, Crystal Skulls, Visionary Art, and is a frequent writer for newsletter publications on “Stones for Healing”. Sheryl’s channeling is used in book publications and reference materials. with recent appearance in Sedona Journal. She was one of the channel/mediums interviewed for the Nostradamus Books with famed author Dolores Cannon. Sheryl has initiated and created the first channeling classes in the Land of the Great Lakes, 12 years strong, “The Anatomy of Authentic Voice Channeling”.

Sheryl is currently working on a channeling book, mystical retreats, visionary art and ongoing classes.