About SomRa An’Ryka

SomRa An’Ryka is an ET Walk-In and Spiritual Awakening Facilitator, assisting truth seekers, Starseeds, and Lightworkers to Awaken to their Divine Magnificence while in the Earth Plane. She is the 6th Soul to live in her current human form. SomRa is a representative of a path of Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension developed by a vast collective of ET Masters who Ascended from various worlds over 355,000 years ago. They offer unique and refreshing perspectives of what it’s all about – this Game of descending into Polarity and ascending back into Unity Consciousness. For over 30 years, SomRa has been professionally teaching and facilitating individuals and groups in the Awakening and Ascension process through providing transformative perspectives, practices, techniques, mind-body-emotion healing, and compassionate clarity.