About Tanja James

Tanja James is an Alchemist, Multi-dimensional Healer and Cosmic Coach.

Tanja uses various energy healing modalities such as: ancestral trauma, timeline, and past lives cleansing, crystalline DNA activations, astral traveling, guided journeys to release and heal, and to activate the New Earth Within, inner child and shadow integration, and much more.

She has worked with Spiritual coaches, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, healers, and visionaries. She has served clients in over 30 countries and is well-known in her healing community. Working with Tanja has proven to be a catalyst for exponential growth and activation for her clients and her approach to her work and clients is always in the highest best, Spirit-led, and supercharged with divine inspiration and transformation.

Tanja loves being on her Soul Mission and is inspired to help the Collective and loves activating that in others with unconditional love and divine sovereignty.