About Tracy Ash

Founder of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School & Producer of Avatars of the Earth Gathering USA, UK, JAPAN.

Tracey Ash works a phenomenal schedule and matrix of earth chakras, energy pathways, ancient monuments and conferences aiding humanity and positive change (1999-). Her work defines a new genre of spiritual warriorship and sovereignty. She is dedicated to a new generation of revolutionaroes and evolutionaries awake in sacred earth.

More than two decades of industry history on genius meta-physics + premier consciousness training in U.K., USA, Japan and Australia. An influencer on what comes next for those who care about earth and humanity. Sufi, Emoto Foundation researched & PSI Japan honorary member. Creator of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School & Avatars of The Earth Gathering (USA & JAPAN). Her initiations are your game-changer, raising your bar to smash false matrix.