Tracy Kenline

About Tracy Kenline

I have worked for over twenty years as a psychotherapist and have continually merged my passions: consciousness, the divine, human beings, and awakening. I have refined and blended my traditional education with spiritual tools and intuitive insight.

Like many Lightbearers, I felt called to wake up from a status quo, limited life, one I often felt claustrophobic in. I was living a life that others approved of, but it was unfulfilling to me. This life looked ok from a 3D point of view, but from the inside it was empty and stagnant.

When I was child I was aware of divinity in all things, and around the age of 12, I lost this awareness. I entered into the trenches of the matrix and began system busting until recently.

As an young adult I pursued a typical 3D life, but always felt that something was missing. To fill this void, I explored several modalities as a way to reconnect myself. I received a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Clinical Social Work in order to do psychotherapy. I also received certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot Teacher, Meditation and Manifestation Teacher, and also as a Certified Intuitive.

I trained in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing, as a Deeksha Giver, and in Transcendental Meditation. Through my studies, and divine, cosmic timing, I was able to reconnect to my soul, increase my vibration, embody my healthy feminine and masculine energies, and successfully integrate 5D, and I have lived a life of increasing awareness since then. I have lived in 3D, 4D and 5D, and became versed in the pitfalls and limitations of 3D and 4D.

I now enjoy raising my 2 young children and helping my clients pull out of the matrix and successfuly integrate 5D energies. I also enjoy taking walks, going hiking, socializing, listening to 5D podcasts, meditating, working with the tarot, and spending time in the sun.

In my work, I have found clients experience results much faster when we go straight to work at an intentional level of awareness that is present focused. I don’t spend as much time focusing on the past, asking why, or getting lost in a modality. My clients are lightworkers, angels, and starseeds, who I want to help wake up as quickly and efficiently as possible. I want my clients to be awake, grounded to New Earth, engaged and purposeful in their current fifth dimensional life.

I am passionate about this process and the work that I offer. Our work together helps to fulfill both of our souls’ purposes and helps New Earth and humanity awaken!

I’m excited to work with you!