About Valeria Tignini

Valeria Tignini is an international healer, activator, and public speaker that works with Source Energy. Val had a moment of multi-dimensional experiences growing up with ET’s, a sense of energy, and higher awareness. Val had a spontaneous kundalini awakening aka the holy spirit running through her in 2010. She’s experienced what some call enlightenment and was activated into this timeless gift of which she becomes a conduit to source energy. Val has also been experiencing her work evolving into higher levels of consciousness as she finds herself working with divine multidimensional beings. Her capacity of understanding and mental downloads of universal truths is through her transcendence as she has experienced profound clarity through her energetic activation and tapping into Source through visions and sound. In 2016, Valeria had what is called the “Sacred Tremor of the Heart”, also known as “Spanda”, spontaneously which is another form of awakening rarely experience by high beings and an activation that seemingly has become less rare, she spontaneously was initiated into Heiros Gamos. Through all of this and more, she has integrated Divine Mother/Divine Feminine Energy within her so that she may share with others. Valeria has been doing private and group sessions since 2014. She leads workshops in Tokyo for a top Spiritual Company in Japan and has been to conferences worldwide. Her work extends to people of all ages, genders, races, religions, and social classes so that they may heal, feel deeper peace, love, awakens people to pure potentiality, and so much more. Valeria is now writing a book that is channeled information on Mary Magdalene’s story and the ancient origins of Christianity.