About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana Atara was gifted her name by Mother Amma (an enlightened living master & known all over the wolrd as the hugging saint from India )This sacred sanskrit name means to pray, workshop & adore the creator.

As a Medical Reiki Master, Ascension Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer & 5D Soul Guide, Vandana transmits divine feminine energies & grounding masculine frequencies to empower, shift & uplift the hearts of all humanity.

She is known to channel multi-dimensional medical information from Divine Doctors, Spirit Surgeons, Galactic Guardians & Star Elders to assist empaths & starseeds to heal & recover from 3D density, childhood anxiety & PTSD from Shambhalla, Arcturus & The Great Central Sun.

Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Modality was birthed in December 21st, 2012 & contains christed keys, cosmic codes & platinum light frequencies to ease ascension symptoms, navigate new earth energies & thrive in planetary prosperity with crystal clear clarity, ease & grace.

Her greatest joy is to create a safe & sacred space for her clients & students to emotionally recover from spiritual illness, ancestral karma & inter-generational family trauma.

She’s a first waver, ascension awakener, & timeline transmuter whose soul role is to awaken all beings to their Beloved & Blessed Buddha true nature.

Vandana is known for her soothing voice, hypnotic soul journeys & vibrational trance-missions to melt armor, dissolve density & expand into the higher realms of heaven on earth.