About Veronica Vargas

Veronica Vargas was a creative and whimsical child, but after decades of conformity, she found herself struggling with dissatisfaction and a deep longing for fulfillment. In her forties, Veronica returned to her childhood passions – drawing, writing, and playing – and established Shaboo Prints, a boutique lifestyle brand. Today, Veronica is an expert on creativity and uses “imaginovation” to innovate products that expand the boundaries of possibility.

A breast cancer survivor, she loves reading, people-watching, being with family, traveling, connecting with friends, health, cooking and baking, creative writing, and doodling. Leading by example, Veronica is living a fulfilled life and sharing her mission-driven business in hopes of inspiring others to tap into their own happy place where they are free to live big and play hard.

She is launching an 8-week online immersion experience called Your New Odyssey. It is designed to strengthen far-out imagination and innate creative genius. Why? To help individuals brim with joyful innovation so that they may access more success in their life and business.