About Yukia Sandara

Yukia is like you, just a reflection of You.


Yukia has dedicated the past years to experiencing and expressing passionately her Inter Galactic Star seed trajectory by travelling the World as a mother, a grandmother, a child, a woman, a student, a friend, a lover, a catalyst, a initiator, a healer, a Guardian /  Gridkeeper, a transformation Light Language Activator/Decoder, a seer, a Sound alchemist,  an observer and a witness, a Higher Consciousness change agent ,  a speaker ,a facilitator of events and a Inter – Galactic Mentor/Life coach.

Yukia woke up at the age of 6 as a Star seed and then partially shut down until her early 20’s ; whilst astral travelling through dimensions continually; experiencing being different and odd until a later time when she accepted her full Mission.

She comes from a corporate Change /Transformation Coaching background before her full activation as a Walk in Soul in 2002.  Since then she has been called from within to dedicate her Life mission in Service to the Planet and Humanity sharing her love, wisdom and gifts.

For many years Yukia was called to experiment and retrieve and recall all higher versions/aspects/facets of her original Holographic Self for full embodiment within the DNA/RNA as well as conduct her Inner work . She has activated her inner knowledge and wisdom from ancient mystery schools of spiritual teachings, Galactic Higher Learning Centers within this Galaxy and others , Gaia ‘s Consciousness and her Body of consciousness Inner Guidance.​

With this she has developed New Earth empowerment Mentoring Holographic Tools ; New Human Template Light tuning regeneration frequencies , Sound  and Light encoded tools to assist the Light body integration and anchoring on Earth at different Levels and frequency bandwidths.

Within her portfolio this translates itself into a varied amount of  Source Energy signatures / Grids, scrolls, tablets , Keys  reflected in her Art Technology brought to anchor within and in the Planet ‘s DNA /RNA.

These are all tool’s  to activate Remembrance and Embodiment of the Full Presence of the Soul Divine spark grounded in the physical Reality that we Are; our body and within Mother Earth.

Her service Call is to catalyse, initiate and  alchemize a Quantum leap of Consciousness / a shift/recalibration, rewiring and a reset of frequencies in Remembrance  in an  accelerated way within Humanity.

“She heralds the dawning of Unity Consciousness…”  Carlotta Mastrojanni