About Yukia Azorath Sandara

A Walk-in Soul in 2002 as an Inter-Galactic Guardian, Gatekeeper, Wayshower, Divine Sound Alchemist, Light Language Activator, Speaker, Holographic Decoder, Quantum Light Code Technology Artist, Unity Consciousness New Earth Mentor and more.

Yukia is like you, just a reflection of You, and has dedicated the past 16 years to experiencing and expressing passionately her Inter-Galactic Starseed trajectory by travelling the world as a mother, a grandmother, a child, a woman, a student, a friend, a lover, a teacher, a healer, a Transformation Light Language Activator/Decoder, an observer and a witness, a Higher Consciousness change agent, a facilitator of events and an Inter-Galactic Mentor/Life coach.

Yukia woke up at the age of 6 and then partially shut down whilst still astral travelling through dimensions and experiencing being very different to others and odd until a later time when she accepted her full mission.
She comes from a Corporate Change/ Transformation Coaching background before her full activation as a Walk-in Soul in 2002. Since then she has been called from within to dedicate her life mission in service to the planet, grid-working and humanity sharing her love, her pure heart, wisdom and gifts.

For many years Yukia was called to experiment and retrieve and recall all parts of her original Self, her inner knowledge and wisdom from ancient mystery schools of spiritual teachings, Inter-Galactic Higher Learning Centers, Gaia‘s Consciousness and her Body of consciousness Inner Guidance. With this she has developed New Earth empowerment Sound and Light encoded tools, programs, Inter-Galactic Mentoring on a one-to-one basis for Starseeds and groups. She shared them in many countries as well also available online.

Yukia feel’s deeply that in this era of love completion is within reach for every single human being who is willing to step into the ‘I AM’ sovereign authentic loving and peaceful authority and return home to a divine status fully embodied in the physical reality and life on this planet as a Inter-Galactic Hu-man Being.