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Starchild Support Package with Cynthia Starborn

Special Offer $97 Classes for your Children in Audio Format BUY NOW The Starchild Support Package includes a wealth of evolutionary resources for both you and your child.   Listen to the five audio classes for kids along with your child, so that you can learn and grow together, and enjoy two audio classes for adults…

Universal Sphere® with Paul Marwood

Offer 1 $297 3 personal one-on-one Universal Sphere sessions + Workshops and Other Packages BUY NOW Offer 2 $97 A Bundle of 3 personal one-on-one Universal Sphere® sessions BUY NOW Offer 1 Includes: 3 personal one-on-one Universal Sphere sessions (in person or at a distance) (Normally $225) + Learn to do the Universal Sphere® online…

Full Spectrum Source Field Session with Xi Earthstar

Offer 1 $111 Full Spectrum Source Field Session BUY NOW Offer 2 $333 Source Field Full Spectrum Package (3 sessions) BUY NOW Using modalities of healing described on EarthStar Healer, combined with Shamanic singing,creative psychic input from Gaia, Animal Spirits, our Guides, Angels and Source ~ we take a deep dive and restore harmony to…

Teachings of the Eye of Horus With Anrita Melchizedek

Special Offer Option 1 $97 9 MP3 Audio Teachings for $97 BUY NOW Special Offer Option 1 $144 Online Certification Course DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings & Divine Ray Healings + Option 1 BUY NOW Special Offer Option 3 $97 Angel Tools for Parents and Children Invocations and Affirmations Electronic Downloads Specials BUY NOW Special…

Divine Healing Intervention with Vandana Atara

Package A $97 8 Tranquil Transmissions from Vandana & The Divine Healing Intervention Team BUY NOW Package B $177 14 Accelerated Light Healing Transmissions by Vandana and The Divine Healing Intervention Team + package A BUY NOW Package C $297 5-Week Home-Study Workshop with 6 MP3s and 5 PDFs + Packages A & B BUY…

The Multidimensional Human Experience with Christopher Tims

Accelerate Your Personal Transformation in All Areas of Your Life! Get this Life Changing Special Offer by Christopher Tims
There is a key piece of the story of humanity that is been kept from us for approximately 1700 years. The ancient and indigenous people knew the entirety of the story and it was reflected in every aspect of their lives.
The journey of humanity at this point takes two different stages. First to remember our original story and the complete picture of our existence so that we can live In full realization of the original ancient knowledge, known as seed knowledge. Secondly to transcend the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients as we embark on the greatest of adventures for our species. Setting sail in the cosmic sea, where the foot of man has never trod.

If you are ready to discover your multidimensional capabilites, join Christopher as he explores the true meaning and experience of being human

Aurora Light Beam Award© , Light Activation

We Open a Hermetic Seal, Mastery Award of ancient, yet perfectly modern ‘Secrets to Success.’ Mastering & Navigating ‘Quirky Realities’ – yet perfectly integrated in physical, everyday form. Embodying super-sonic soul resonance, amplifying Higher Octaves of Liquid Plasma Light to Ignite Soul Power, Purpose & Mission. This is a majestic, life-fulfilling AWARD to yourself simply for showing Up in life and shining your Light of Truth!