Special Offers

Heavenly Mantras and Shakti Yoga with Ananda Vardhan

Join this musical mantra journey with Ananda Vardhan who shares a mantra meditation, kirtan music with chanting in Sanskrit and English. You’ll have the written mantras so you can sing along from your own home and/or dance with us. This is a High Vibrational experience to enjoy live with the group and again on your own with the recordings.
These transcendental vibrations are acheived throu mantras which have powerful elemnts as they are written by self-realized individuals. We can imbibe in that devotion by hearing Sanskrit or Bengali. Enjoy this experience!

Internalizing the Cosmic Kryst with Sananda and Shekinah

How does one access and integrate the vibration of Cosmic Kryst Consciousness?
It is with great honour and pleasure to share that the frequencies of the Cosmic Kryst are even more accessible upon the Earth plane than ever before.
The program will take the form of 4 wisdom pieces of training 4 energy transmissions that are available to watch and absorb anytime.

Arcturus Ra Specialty Products

All of my products are channeled art from the future once earth is in acceptance of its 5th dimensional properties. They will be in every conscious household . Allow yourself to explore and experience what’s out there . The truth is in you as you follow your heart . Feeling is required thinking only assists !

Aquatone and SmartBreathe with Boris Aranovich

Listen to this super interesting show and learn about the solution to all these problems! The solution is NEW and unique and all natural to the body and very easy to apply.
Bring the body into balance and amazing healings can occur.

Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino’s amazing program gives you 30 days of the Pathogenic cleanse, Nutrient therapy and Chakra Balance sessions. To disassemble a pathogen means to take it apart. It is reduced to its original element, i.e., carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. The process is simple and painless. Once this occurs, the disease or imbalance disappears.
Scaler Energy Session can assist you in feeling better whether you have:

Arcturian Healing Method with Gene Ang

Enjoy 4 special offers from Gene Ang!
Offer 1 – Online Healing Retreat Master Series 6
Offer 2 – Online Healing Retreat Master Series 1-5
Offer 3 – Super Quantum Healing Package
Offer 4 – Mt. Shasta: Super Human Retreat 5 MP3 Audio Files

Angelic Light-worker Empowerment Package with Amrita Stargazer

A 30-45 minute personal channeled Sonic Transmission specifically for You, expediting spiritual expansion soul remembrance, and comprehensive healing. Feedback from these personal sonic journeys have included past life memories, activation of gifts and missions, healing of pain, shamanic journeys with animals and earth spirits, complete immersion in Source…