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5D Mastery Home Study Course

7 Session Online Course
Presentations, Attunements, & Meditations

plus Online Healing Retreat: Dreaming the New You into Being

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 5D Light Medicine Technology

An Online Course in Spiritual Transformation   (with downloadable recordings)  $97

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ITEM 1:  5D Mastery Home-Study Course

This online course contains a total of 7 sessions. Each one contains different recordings and notes. Each level contains a short attunement, a presentation and concludes with a transmission- meditation.


Calling all Starseeds and Lightworkers.

As you have no doubt discovered your spiritual journey can be a source of great learning and joy and it can also lead you to open and learn in ways that feels less than joyful. The latter may have been more the case in recent years, especially since the 2012 planetary alignment.

Time to Embrace Your 5D Light Mastery

Since the 2012 alignment we have entered a powerful time of spiritual acceleration. Our planet is being restored to its rightful place a sacred planet. We are shifting from collective 3D fear/separation paradigm to 5D love/unity consciousness. In this process, anything (present life or any other lifetime – this dimension or other) that stands in the way of the restoration of our inner light is coming up for clearing. This clearing opens the way for more light to reach us. It opens the channel connecting us to our Higher Self, guides, angelic forces and star family. This is a shift into knowing in every cell of our body our true multidimensional nature. The years 2017-20188 are destined to be a pivotal for many. Many will be triggered to wake up at a deeper level. Many will feel the impulse to change track in some way. Starseeds and Lightworkers are being called by beings of light in the soul planes to step up and express more of our soul’s light in the world. Your Monadic Self seeks to merge with your lower personality self after a very long separation in the 3D experience.

Course Details.

The first half of each session is an attunement, presentation with Q&A. The second half is a transmission-meditation to help ground the principles of the module.

Week 1. Foundation. This covers all the principles/themes of the course including: the global shift and the ascension process, the new waves of light, the new coming age of light, shifting timelines from 3D to 5D, awakening as multidimensional beings, opening to our Higher Self, why we are here, getting on track with our soul mission. Transmission – Opening the Gaia-Solar Channel. Anchoring Your Light.

Week 2. Healing the Ego. Themes: The nature of the ego, exploring the dance of ego and shadow, problems with the ego blocking our soul light, fixed beliefs and limiting self-image. How the ego becomes a clear and trusted vessel to hold and protect our inner light. Protecting the ego from outside interference. Triple Light Shield. Cords cutting. Transmission – Transforming the Ego with Light.

Week 3. Clearing Timelines/Energy Fields. Themes: We have explored many lifetimes and have become weighted down with old karmic patterns/traumas/programs/vows/imprints of things that went before. This module looks at various tools to clear all the blocks, gunk and clutter in our subconscious mind and all energy bodies. Transmission – Clearing Timelines and Energy Bodies.

Week 4. Expanding Your Divine Light. Themes: Awakening our multidimensional chakra system, expanding from 7 centres to 12. Exploring new energy centres. DNA activation. Opening to our Starseed origins. Transmission – Multidimensional Awakening. Embrace Your 12-Chakra System.

Week 5. Connecting with Unseen Friends. Themes: Working with guides, master guides, Higher Self, angelic forces. Inner earth helpers, and star family. Inviting in your healing team and your ascension team. Asking for guidance and help. Transmission – Higher Self and Star Angels from the Central Sun.

Week 6. Becoming the Dreamer. Themes: the present moment is our point of power, we allow, attract or create our reality – the world is our mirror, we are responsible for what we allow, attract or create. How to work with visions/dreams. (Many of you have had lifetimes as shamans, tribal and temple seers/dreamers. Some of you have had lifetimes as Lemurian dreamers). Transmission – Activating the Dreamer. Begin to Dream a New Dream.

Week 7. High Frequency Living. Themes: Growing with joy, stepping more fully onto the 5D timeline, embracing synchronicity and miracle consciousness. Working with light grids. Inviting in more light, more joy, more love, more abundance into your reality. Transmission – Future Life Progression. Sending a Higher Frequency Light Down Your Timeline.



Audio and Video Course Download (2 hours)

This is a pivotal year in the awakening process. Many will be called to step away from the old earth 3D matrix completely. This webinar will assist you in leaving the old 3D Matrix, completely releasing from it. Release from the old year, the old agreements, cords, anything that hold us back so we can step fully into the New Alpha Earth Timeline thru 2018 and beyond.


We will explore manifesting and the 5D grids and why it is important to create from this space.
Also why our dreams should reflect our highest light (Higher Self) and not our basest nature (lower ego desires).
Why manifesting is an important aspect of the growth/evolution process.
Why it is important to focus on realistic as well as so called ‘impossible’ dreams.
Discussion on dreaming from three points in the body.
Looking at the nature of our familiarity zones and how resistance operates in the psyche.
How raising our vibration is the most important thing to focus on.
It is impossible to manifest if our vibration is within the 3D range (anxiety, fear, guilt, hurt, scarcity, not-enough, rage, shame and so on)
How to keep our vibration high. How we must vibrate at the same frequency as our dreams.
How our dreams and projects are living energy fields.
How we can call for help from angels, guides and higher self.

We will open with an attunement and close with a manifesting meditation



“There are many lodgings in my Father’s house, and if not, I would have told you, because I go to prepare a place for you.” Jesus the Christ (Aramaic Bible).

You are a multidimensional being and you have lived many lifetimes. You have explored many systems of reality and have been connected to many star races. In some of those lifetimes you may have felt limited and were not able to fully explore your limitless potential. In other lifetimes you were able, to a great degree, to open, blossom and flourish.

in this time of ascension other lifetimes are becoming accessable through the Akashic Library. The crystalline grid of Gaia is one access point allowing access to lifetimes within the many dimensions of the earth. The portal of the Great Central Sun is an access point aloowing access to lifetimes within the many star systems and dimensions within this Universe.

This webinar focuses on exploring other lifetimes where you developed gifts and talents that would be useful for you to access and activate in this lifetime. These lifetimes may have been upon this dimension of earth, another dimension of earth or a completely different dimension of experience.

This webinar includes a group attunement. A talk plus Q+A on your multidimensional nature and the process of reclaiming past life gifts and talent. Then the webinar concludes with a guided transmission where you will be guided to access the Akashic Library and discover a lifetime your Higher Self wishes you to explore and activate.

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Offer 2 Includes…..

5D Light Medicine Technology: An Online Course in Spiritual Transformation   (with downloadable recordings)


Session 1. Clearing and upgrading the Etheric Body.

Session 2. Clearing and upgrading the Emotional Body.

Session 3. Clearing and upgrading the Mental Body.

Session 4. Embracing Your Higher Self.

Why is this course important now? The 3D Matrix is transforming and Starseeds are activating now across the planet to embrace a higher potential of light and flow. During this process our 3D limited ego selves are also going through an upgrade. This is because it is not possible to take our 3D ego selves into a higher frequency band of light. Our ego-personality needs to be upgraded so that it can become a faithful container for our light. When the war ends between our ego selves and our Higher Self then we can take the next step forward in our evolutionary path.

What will this course give you? This course is designed to help you explore and experience transcending your ego and connect you to the true nature of spiritual power. In turn this will help you release lower frequency energies and associated layers of struggle in your reality.

What is the structure of the course? This course has four sessions, that runs once every forthnight. Each session works at different level. The four levels are; etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each session allows you to access a greater potential of clarity, energy, joy, intuition, love and power to ignite in your life.

Are you ready to bring more light to your personality and thereby birth a new you? Are you ready to transform all sense of limitation and separation to know the magnificence of your inner light, your Higher Self? If you are ready to release struggle and suffering and step into more of the wisdom, power, inspiration, and freedom of your Higher Self, then this is the course for you.


You Facilitators are: Steve Nobel and Tarryn Slade.

Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author of 5 non-fiction books, a spiritual coach and mentor. He is the founder of the Soul Matrix Healing System. His work focuses on assisting Starseeds he has a highly popular YouTube channel filled with resources for the ascension process.

Tarryn Slade is a gifted Intuitive Guide & Mentor passionate about guiding lightworkers to discover their own personal greatness. She works with individuals who feel innately called & ready to make changes in their life and dive deep into ‘The Human Experience’.

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Offer 3 Includes….. Both Options 1 & 2

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