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6 Month Subscription with Alicia’s Monthly Livestream

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6 MONTH Subscription to Monthly Livestream

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6 MONTH Subscription to Monthly Livestream






It is THIS that speeds your awakening: transmuting out-of-date hesitations that hinder your remembering.

Each month for 1.5 hrs, Senior Spirit Beings Upgrade Your Personal Reality, Share The Latest Spirit World Energy Shifts And Deeply Heal Your Spirit

These Monthly Livestreams with the Creator Beings Feature:


Each month – Alicia and her Senior Spirit Tutors compassionately map out WHAT is taking place in the PSYCHIC energy fields behind our collective reality.

The HEIGHT OF LIGHT of these Beings has the authority to HEAL far reaching regions beyond this physical dimension.

So each LIVESTREAM RELEASES PRESSURE in the background spheres of spirit influence that affect life for humanity and each of us individually.

Your personal SOUL ENERGY BODY also receives forensic re-patterning and healing from Advanced Beings Of Light. Over time this building of strength and empowerment can change your life.

  • Soul Training: Learn how your quantum reality works
  • Lift your resonance into the divine.
  • Be taken into high light spheres to be UPGRADED and HEALED.

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Telepath, Alicia Power has been trained by Creator Level Spirit Being Mentors for 30 years.

These intense decades of partnerships at senior levels of spirit means she has been initiated into ‘high spiritual authority’ to activate fast change to a person’s soul evolution, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership.

These decades of training at senior spirit levels have given Alicia a forensic knowledge of auric techniques, and an awareness of how senior authority spirit mentors evolve a soul under their care.

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What People Have To Say…

“Once again these incredible sessions feel like we are doing the spiritual work that would take lifetimes at light-speed. I have no doubt this is the cutting edge right now in spiritual development. Thank you to the Creator Beings and to you Alicia for all the help and empowerment. We love you!” ~ J. F.


“Alicia, Thank you so much for this. I was touched to tears. Love” ~ L. B.


“Thank you Alicia! I am feeling the power of your work and am very excited to have tools for precision in working with the spirit world available to me. I had recently been asking for the highest level energy beings to work with me and that is when I discovered you…no accident. My soul loves this work.”  ~ B. G.


“After attending the Livestream on the Heart Chakra last evening, I feel like my wings are now able to fully spread and let me fly to the highest wavelength of light while being in a Human body. What an incredible journey. I am so grateful that my soul led me to this wonderful journey with lots of help from the CEO/Creator Beings in the Light. I am also thankful that I ‘listened’ to my soul….” ~ J.N.


“Alicia, I’ve had amazing experiences with these super incredible beings. I can tell you that my financial situation became tight for a minute and I reached out to these beings and that next day I was able to receive $5,000 in a most unexpected way.

There is someone I care for deeply and had no way of reaching. I reached out to these beings and the person called out of the blue. Since then our relationship has intensified and become much more honest and pure. I only say these things to illustrate a few of my personal experiences of the real tangible benefit of working with these beings. I have great respect for them and I also appreciate your willingness to share them with us.”  ~ B.R.


“WOW! I am so excited… I feel I have finally found my Teachers/Mentors… for me! I am new here…just signed up to the Monthly, and chose to listen to this one first. Now, when I come back to re-listen to the first 30 min, I feel them working on me immediately when I turn on the play button. Very powerful! So…so… grateful….” ~ H. M.


“Beyond all magnificence! I swear Alicia, as soon as the connection was made through you, I passed out…again! So powerful! I felt the entire foundation of my being shift and elevate...I became aware of remnants of fear that weren’t apparent before and they were dissolved and transmuted as soon as they surfaced in my awareness. I have a knowingness that much more happened when I was “out”.

In the circle with the council, they were bending slightly to touch my forehead with theirs and then you told us what they were doing! I absolutely LOVE the synchronicities and unsurpassed healings experienced in the sacred space of these events. We have been called home. 💜⚘💙🤗…” ~  L.S. 


“Words can never express the gratitude for you and the work brought through with these great beings. Thank you!!” ~ J.F.