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Curriculum From Spirit & Uplift on Light

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Curriculum From Spirit Series One

10 x POWERFUL 1.5 hrs Modules
Advanced Curriculum of Knowledge by Creator Beings

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Uplift on Light Plus Offer 1

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Option 1 Includes:


Creator Spirit Beings explain your life.

A 3 x Series Collaboration With Spirit


  • New information never revealed before
  • The ‘BIG PICTURE’ is explained
  • The ‘real’ steps to Awakening
  • Alicia reveals the psychic training she has received from Creator Being Spirit Tutors over 30+ years.
  • The spirit world, soul evolution and life purpose are clarified.
  • Receive vibrational attunement while listening that reprograms your heart.
  • Receive spiritual tools that accelerate your evolution.
  • Receive valuable guidance from Overseers of your Soul.

Series One is the first of ever deeper training, moving to Series Two and Three. Each of these ‘10 x modules’ series moves deeper into empowerment training for you as a soul in this human experience.

The light frequencies being downloaded as you listen are profoundly activating – and each interview takes your understanding deeper…  This is ADVANCED SOUL TRAINING.

Series One value: $370    Special Offer $197



In this back-grounding interview, interviewer Julie asks Alicia about her 30 years of Soul Training received directly from her Creator Being Spirit Tutors.

Julie asks some tough questions like:

  •  “Who are we – by the way?”
  •  What is the most important thing to do in this life?
  •  Who are your spirit teams?
  • How do we awaken?

#2 Why Did We Choose To Be Human?

Julie goes deeper and asks the Creator Beings ‘tough’ questions about how the ‘hologram’ works, what is ‘real’ about this holographic experience, why did we decide to be here, and a start on the topic of ‘shadow’ energy and how it affects us.

  •  Who are we as humans?
  •  Why have we come? An amazing revelation straight from Spirit…
  •  Souls taking dark roles… are these mistakes?
  •  A background to Shadow Energy and how it interacts with humans.
  •  How you can create SPEED in your learning curve with spirit tutors
  •  What happens if you are not clearly hearing your guides?
  •  Spirit answers how to power out of dis-empowerment.
  •  What is the most powerful way to pray for others? Tools and tips on how to amplify your prayers to spirit.


#3 Building Partnership With Spirit Tutors

 How Building A Partnership With Your Spirit Tutor Fulfills Your Life’s Goal

Alicia and her guides reveal secrets of higher awakening that are essential for all seekers of truth to discover….

  •  The MOST important thing to do in this lifetime
  •  How to awaken a consistent state of god consciousness.
  •  What key tools and skills are ESSENTIAL for a lightworker.
  •  How to begin learning about shadow energy.
  •  How to consciously partner with spirit tutors.
  •  Learn the detailed POWER of applying your attention to this partnership.
  •  Discover the consciousness tools spirit tutors will reveal to you.
  •  The indicators of a highly trained human consciousness.
  •  Senior Authority Spirit Mentors reveal amazing truths about the “Collective Awakening”


#4 How To Accelerate Your Soul Evolution

You will learn the ‘inside story’ of what Ascension is and what is special about this time of major energy shifts on the planet. Enjoy the detail revealed from a level of high authority in the spirit realms who oversee most dynamics humanity encounters.  

  •  THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: A deeper training. 
  •  Our Soul’s Purpose To Incarnate
  •  What is THE SHIFT OF AGES?
  •  Ascension – Is The Physical World Going To Disappear?
  •  The single one element that can rocket boost your Ascension
  •  How Do We Consciously Awaken To Our Mission?
  •  The Steps Spirit Tutors Take To Strengthen Our Light
  •  How To Support  Your Aura If You Live In A Busy City
  •  Specific Powerful Amplifiers Anyone Can Do To Generate Realities

“Discover the single one element that CAN PROPEL you at lightening speed into your Ascension…. Ascension is your right!”


#5 Deliberate Awakening

What Really IS Ascension? Plus An Awakening Tool

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors describe in detail the specific electro-magnetic changes occurring in you and humanity since the 2012 Shift Of Ages. 

Plus Senior Spirit Tutors train you in a powerful everyday tool that WILL move you into your highest potential.

You will learn how to HARNESS THE WAVE of the global energy shifts  and dissolve the paradigm box in which you currently limit yourself.

  •  A Tool To Change Your Life – Easily
  •  The Steps Of Deliberate Awakening
  •  How To Accelerate The Ascension Energies
  •  Since 2012, Where Exactly Is The Upgrade?
  •  Receive A New Meaning For WHAT Annoys You In Life
  •  How The Quantum World Is Shifting
  •  A Step By Step Process That Will Change Your Life
  •  How High Frequency Light Changes You
  •  How To Operate A Daily Life Upgrade Program
  •  How Spirit Tutors Respond To Your Request For Healing
  •  Member Question: How Can I Heal From Shock And Devastation?

“They look at a very big picture as they zero in on what you are inviting them to look at in your aura. These guys are experts on the ENTIRE matrix of who you as a soul are…. “


#6 The Angel (Elephant) In The Room

Gathering STRENGTH: The Purpose Of This Life.

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors outline the ‘WHY’ we come into physical incarnation.

They cover an essential training:  WHAT are we actually DOING while we’re here. THE fundamental reason to be here.

You will learn WHY you experience pain or fear.

You will also hear from these senior Spirit Tutors WHY you CHOOSE each person who hurts you!

The BIG picture begins to reveal itself.

  •  A Deeper Story Is Revealed About Our Spirit Selves
  •  The Real Meaning Of Your Life
  •  The INITIATION Of Becoming Physical
  •  A Therapist’s Question About Taking On Others’ Pain
  •  The Exact Reasons We Allow Ourselves To Be Hurt
  •  Why Education About Psychic Pain Is Part Of Your Awakening
  •  Learn Why A Healthy Energy Field Supports Your Soul Agenda
  •  How Entities Strategically Operate In Your Aura
  •  When You Feel STUCK: What Alicia Actually SEES In Your Aura

Begin your training program with your Spirit Tutors… give them permission to begin this program… so that there is not one situation in your life that you don’t understand.”


#7 Help & Support From The Spirit World

How High Authority Spirit Beings Can Support You

How Spirit Beings of High Authority can speed up your soul evolution, even change your life circumstances quickly – and upgrade your spiritual leadership – in a short time

Warning: This interview might change your life! 🙂

On asking Alicia how this speed of change can happen – Julie reflects on the recent significant upgrades to her life circumstances since meeting Alicia and beginning these conversations.

Alicia’s Story: Alicia travels back to her early years of working with these High Authority Beings – even to the first powerful moments that signaled a major change in her work, her facilitation capacity, and the new trajectory of training she has received ever since.

A special gift for all listeners is offered from these High Authority Beings.

  •  How Spirit Tutors Can Mentor You Into Spiritual Leadership
  •  How Spirit Tutors Can Upgrade A Person’s ‘Thought Stream’ On Request
  •  How Troubled Souls In Our Families Can Affect Our Life’s Opportunities And Sense Of Confidence


#8 Living Our Highest Soul Purpose

How To Workshop One’s Life Direction And Contribution

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors train you in maintaining a “Continuum Of Joy” that attracts higher opportunities, and gives you your heritage of a love-filled life.

This interview covers practical tools and hands on facilitation of Julie’s real life issue of soul contribution. In listening, this trains you in the step by step ‘how-to’ of manifesting your own highest soul expression.

You will awaken to how to partner with your Spirit Helpers to crystalize your own deepest longing and specific core soul expression.

  •  Hear directly from Spirit about your right as humans to be happy.
  •  The accelerating benefit of adding JOY to your Soul choices.
  •  How to create a Continuum of Joy
  •  How to magnetize to yourself higher Opportunities
  •  Hear Spirit discuss ‘How to be On-Purpose AND Make A Living’
  •  How this life is your opportunity to gain Soul Maturity
  •  The variety of Soul Purposes experienced by humans
  •  ‘Workshop Tools For Your Soul Clarity’
  •  How your Spirit Tutor can trigger new ideas that can literally change your life.

#9 How Your Aura Creates Your Reality

How Your Heart Optimizes Realities

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors reveal extraordinary new information about the deep influences that control our daily realities.

After 3 decades of observing Spirit Technicians carefully re-construct auric fields, Alicia explains how everything is controlled via the archive we carry from our soul’s journeys.

This interview will help you notice that you CAN control the speed of change in your life – IF you choose to work deliberately with your own archive of subliminal soul history.


Several powerful long-term Spirit-Partnering tools are offered in this module, for you to activate your empowerment program.

Each day the spirit world stands beside you waiting for you to invite them to heal your heart. It is this reality-changing invitation that is explained in detail in this extraordinary interview.

  •   How your heart magnetizes reality
  •  Why negative experiences take place in your life
  •  Exactly how who we are on the inside shows up on the outside.
  •  Our learning curve in our Quantum Classroom
  •  How to begin a program of healing and clearing of our energy system
  •  How technician spirit helpers work in your aura
  •  Practical ways to CLEAR YOUR SOUL HISTORY over time
  •  Key knowledge why you have ongoing financial difficulties
  •  How destructive energy sits inside your aura from old experiences as a soul
  •  Different soul types and how they manage money differently
  •  How Spirit Tutors can create a specific reality you ask for – and how to ask for it.

“Our feeling of ‘can do’ gets cut off at the knees – and that comes from huge store-houses of fear sitting inside our auric systems.”


#10 The Hidden Truth Of Why We Are Here

At Last, Your Life Instructions: WHO You Are

The story of our lives – unfolds like it has never before…

  •     Senior spirit tutors reveal ‘who’ you are at the highest level
  •     Then ‘why’ that high part of you incarnates into physicality.
  •     Julie learns how her private spiritual practice changes the world.
  •     Hear a simple explanation revealed by these CEO level beings, that leaves both girls nearly       speechless by the end of the conversation – because of its sheer power.
  •     As you listen you will gain a rare understanding of your role, your longing, your choice to be here and what to do next.


This is a conversation that has been a long time coming and that has a practicality about the style of it.

There is also an opportunity offered by this conversation.

By the end of the chat with these high spirit tutors we are left in no doubt as to our ‘job at hand’. Three clear decisions are offered as our reason to live.

We now have those three choices to make.

To engage with them

To begin implementing them. 

  •  What is the surprising reason most souls have decided to incarnate at this time on planet Earth.
  •  What exactly as a human should you be ‘doing’ in this hologram of life?
  •  How do you use each moment correctly?
  •  Is the spirit world too detached – to human suffering, that they allow it?
  •  What is the power-shift change of perspective the Spirit Tutors offer as ‘the answer’.
  •  The single most important role your soul has the opportunity to deliver.
  •  By developing your ‘light’ how do you affect the human collective?

“We are sending information back up to that higher neutral aspect of ourselves about what it feels like to be limited!”

Enjoy this Advanced CURRICULUM Of Knowledge Offered By CEO Spirit Overseers who WILL answer your deepest questions…  and LIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE into a far higher overview of your soul’s journey in this life.

YES! I want Alicia’s Special Offer 1 for $197

Option 2 Includes: Plus Offer 1

Uplift on Light: Auric Healings From Creator Light Beings

Total Value is $420

If you are seeking solid, spirit-supported, and FASTER growth on a soul level, Alicia Power presents a select package of Creator-Light Akashic Surgery Sessions – for building your SOUL CAPACITY higher.

This package of powerful spirit surgeries…

  • Initiates you into Higher Vibration by literally rewiring your auric light waves
  • Opens doors for you into higher Parallel Reality Streams that present better life opportunities
  • Takes you to heaven
  • Forgives your soul wounds
  • Gives you core strength
  • Shifts your SOUL HIGHER


About Creator Light Surgery:

These advanced and accelerated Spirit Technician ‘re-wiring’ sessions are real.

In each, you will also receive a ‘download’ of very high light, new ‘consciousness software’ to upgrade your PERCEPTION and outlook. 

I’ll take you DEEP straight away – and we’ll move really really fast in that 35 – 45 minutes – so be prepared to focus.


  • The MORE you switch on your attention during the session the FASTER & DEEPER your SHIFT will be.
  • If you allow yourself to enjoy a 10 min meditation beforehand, your experience WILL be exponentially more powerful.


7 Selected Spirit Surgery Master Sessions with Alicia Power’s Creator-Level Spirit Technicians





If you’d like to be more public with your Soul Gift, this deep soul healing is critical.
Surgical Transmutation of Past Life Trauma.

Many of us have been in roles of power in past lives – and even today we can feel the devastating legacy of failure in these roles. (I’m not kidding.) Or, we experience debilitating on-going pain-filled themes that can repeat over many human lifetimes – and unfortunately can still be part of our psychology today.

In this potent healing you will be guided by Spirit Technicians to FEEL a memory deep inside your heart, that speaks to a more powerful you, a fearless you. You will be taken over the threshold into a new empowered force inside of you.

Where you will begin to adjust to new feelings of empowerment – above hesitation and doubt, about your deep commitment to soul serve in this lifetime.

33 min Spirit Energized Live Recording



Powerful Healing…  39 mins of WATCHING your Guide REACH IN to your being and REWIRE YOUR FEAR OF NOT BEING LOVED… (often the root cause of our lack of self love.) 

This healing is for you if you LONG to FEEL SAFER IN YOUR HEART – that you are loved and are loveable. WE ALL NEED THIS ONE! 

After my 25 years of partnering with Senior Spirit Tutors, these healing sessions are super deep and exponential in the speed of YOUR consciousness re-patterning.

Most of us have experienced childhoods where our soul-level need to feel loved felt inadequate.

And as an Advanced Auric Healer I know most of us have had previous soul-existences that have left us deeply wounded at our core.

During this session, my accelerated Senior Spirit Tutors will scan your unique soul history.
They will then gently reach into these deep wounds – and rewire them, permanently.

Regularly experiencing such accelerated auric-rewiring builds a real inner strength and empowerment. A sense of calm, certainty and Self Love.

39 Min Spirit Energized Live Recording





Experience an extraordinary Surgical Transmutation of what is WEIGHING ON YOUR HEART.

We soak up fear from the news, OR life can just feel too hard! Lately global as well as personal issues have been difficult to ignore. As a human family we FEEL disharmony acutely. We may FEEL uncertain and restless – and fearful. Or – maybe just plain angry that shadow is toying with us through the media or other people.

I’ve been guided to present this beautiful TIMELY HEALING -for ALL of us!

I feel we ALL have been working hard recently to stay in equilibrium -to stay in our fearlessness.

To stay in love and joy! Life can SO catch us by surprise, where we may find ourselves giving and giving, then feel depleted. Or world events can seem beyond our control and fearful. Or we simply become weary of working hard, staying calm and only just managing our lives that can feel ON THE EDGE of chaos.

SOOOO – in this superb Spirit Surgery session with my Creator Being Technicians, let’s DIVE IN to glorious love, super high spirit light, and real HEALING OF OUR HEARTS.


My Senior Spirit Mentors would like to give us an angelic REPRIEVE from the chaos, the shadow that can soak into our hearts.

They SEE this shadow energy in your subtle field -EXACTLY.

A quick 42 minutes with my expert TEAM of Spirit Surgeons, with my 25 years energy surgery expertise-and you will feel lighter.

42 Min Spirit Energized Live Recording



Would YOU love some spirit help to be your best, higher version of yourself?

I’m saying this BECAUSE…. my spirit healer guides (super high authority beings) can REWIRE your subconscious – SO that YOU think differently


SO that YOU meet your challenges, your new projects, your hope for a ‘higher you’ -with a deeper power.

We ALL want our present and our futures to meet our highest expectations. We want the world to be kinder – to be more compassionate. We want humanity to be more intelligent with its choices. And – we want OUR lives to be happier.

We know that happiness comes from inner equilibrium and contribution… When you help an elderly lady across a street, when you speak from your heart to change lives, when you call your friend who feels alone – such simple actions give YOU happiness.

In this wonderful Spirit Surgery and rewiring, my spirit tutors provide a deep healing to CHANGE THE FOUNDATION of your consciousness.

SO that you feel differently about YOURSELF.

SO THAT your life shows up differently.

45 min Spirit Energized Live Recording.


5. EFFECTIVE PRAYER – A Potent Moment With Your Spirit Guide

I’ll guide you into a deep beyond-time ‘prayer moment’ …

– where you are surrounded by Creator Being High Authority Spirit Beings that love and care for you.

You WILL be heard & this moment WILL change your life.

My spirit tutors initiated this powerful healing event for you!

They are very clear that this is NOT a ‘how to’ training, but rather a REAL, powerful, deep MOMENT they want to provide for you.

This will be a PURE experience. Simply a deep dive into source-energy, to create a POWERFUL MOMENT with you and your guides. 

So that they HEAR YOUR PRAYER – effectively.

And here’s why: Your spirit mentors rely on your STATE to hear you effectively!

THAT is why they are offering this ‘tuned up’ accelerated experience FOR YOU.

This is your opportunity!

43 min Spirit Energized Live Recording.






For this Spirit Healing Focus… My Senior Spirit Tutors gave me a powerful message:

“We can’t wait any longer. We WANT to move as many people forward in their soul evolution as possible.”

And they warned me that THIS healing session would be one of the most intense for me – as the ‘energy holder’ for their SUPER HIGH FREQUENCY coming through and ACTIVATING your auras.


What will YOU receive from this ‘Acceleration Healing’?


– Over 25 years of looking into ‘soul bodies’ and auras

–  I’ve witnessed there are nearly unlimited spirit LAYERS of YOU. Lower layers and higher layers to your aura.

– Only very very High Authority Light Mentors are allowed to access hidden sections of those layers – certain private files of your Akashic Records.

– The Creator Spirit Beings I’ve worked with for decades, use the term ‘Soul Core’ to describe layers of your soul energy body that formed near the very earliest moments when your soul was ‘birthing’ – way way way before it ever started any HUMAN INCARNATIONS.

– This true CORE layer will be scanned, healed and strengthened.

It’s the bedrock of YOU.

This upgrade call is going out to you and the rest of humanity… from my Senior Spirit Tutors.

46 Min Spirit Energized Live Recording


7. CREATING HEAVEN – (The Most Powerful Activation)


– A Blessed COMMITMENT TO YOU – Sacred Gift From Creator Beings Of Love

My Spirit Tutors wanted to add this powerful healing session for you …

Have you ever longed to hold your state above your fear thoughts?

Have you ever hoped you could stay in calm inner stillness beyond some of your deepest fears?

The profound ‘Spirit Power’ of high authority spirit beings, rewires you at a depth no human can access.

In this fast paced ACTIVATION, INITIATION and pure GIFT of healing, you will FEEL these beings opening your psychic heart, healing fear and placing you on a path of CALM.

We ALL need this.

Life IS challenging… and having a buffer and safety net inside us takes the edge off daily anxiety.

And keeps us in a state of LOVE and CALM.

I personally can attest to this long term result in my own life…

And I know it is ONLY the deep commitment of my spirit helpers to hold me in love and ease that moves me gently and safely through my days.

In this powerful activation you will:

  • Experience STRENGTHENING, which creates BUOYANCY
  • Explore skill-building and simple tools to long-term strength and awakening
  • Feel the profound auric Healing and Clearing
  • Feel the Great Hand of Creator Beings in yours… their committing to love and support you to the end of your days.
  • Be blessed with the rejuvenation of Creator Force Love
  • Receive STRENGTHENING of the SOUL which brings: leverage, power, freedom, elevation

52 Min Spirit Energized Live Recording


  • These are quick 35- 45 mins of diving deep with truly powerful accelerated spirit helpers. You receive the benefit of Alicia’s 25 years partnering with High Authority Spirit Technicians – which brings speed and effectiveness to your ‘shift’.If you sense into your quiet moments with these healer guides – you will notice how amazingly FAST they RE-WIRE your subliminal patterns of self-esteem. 
  • Gain a new gentle sense of openness – to your life, and WHO YOU ARE in this incarnation. I find that regularly using these deep healings with my Senior Guides helps MY SOUL RE-POSITION my CONSCIOUS MIND. So that – it CHOOSES more accurately to achieve SOUL fulfilment. Invaluable!
  • I’ll keep your attention on the inner dynamic as we work with these guides. (This is SO much fun for me – I’m an expert in playing in the deep deep end of human consciousness.) My voice will keep you engaged so you don’t fall asleep. Reason I’m saying this? The healing light vortex will become quite powerful – and you may feel sleepy as a result.
  • These rewiring sessions are pure experience.  We’ll dive quickly into a sacred vortex of high love. Be ready to activate your attention carefully – as it is YOU who will be switching on your intention for your life and soul fulfilment.  You will also enjoy incredible god-love, deep inner stillness, and new awareness of yourself as feeling hopeful. 

PURCHASE Uplift on Light Program Only: for $97 – click here 

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What People Have To Say…

“Hello Alicia, Riveting! That’s how I see your journey. I’m so grateful you took it and share it… “


“I am just so thrilled to finally be getting this information I’ve been wondering about and longing for, for over three decades.”


“Dear Alicia, WOW! My usual refrain that this was/is the best…BUT…this WAS/IS THE BEST!! The whole issue of speed and of our intentions…our deep preferences & choices *all* makes my heart sing.”


“Great blessings to you, you who are Alicia Power here in 3D. May the light you have shone for others surround you and bless you x 1000.”


“There is a resonance that flows with listening to you talk that is another powerful layer of the experience.”


“I love these interviews and I love this subject of love. Thank you!”


“Mind blowing!”


“As always…. wow! Gold!”