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Align with Your Divine Frequency(s)
with Thoth and Languages of Light Package

Special Offer Includes:

Do you have an awareness that you are a cosmic Divine being?

That your Divine expansion requires frequencies and vibrations
from across the Multiverse that are bespoke to you?

This comprehensive transmission from Light Beings through Languages of Light, provides keys to spark, unlock, and ignite living in alignment with your unique Divine frequencies, lineages and cosmic origin.  

Item 1: 7 Keys to Dial into Your Divine Frequency(s) with Thoth and Languages of Light

Receive 7, 10+ minute audios • 7 Days of daily Light Language Key Code transmissions

Join Thoth and , The Council of Light for a 7-day journey into 7 Light Language Key Codes to dial into your Divine Frequency (s). 

These 7, 10+ minute audio transmissions are light packed with energy, frequencies and vibrations that remind your system of your Divine nature.

Each Light Language Key Code unlocks your unique access to your Infinite Self.

Item 2: Cosmic Source Codes

Personalized 72-Hour Energy Vortex

This remote energy transmission is co-created by your higher-self and Thoth and the Council of Light and begins 24-hours after you purchase this program.

Your bespoke energetic transmission creates an environment steeped in Cosmic Source Codes to support you in accessing the frequencies and vibrations you require for your Divine alignment. Frequencies and vibrations from across the Multiverse.

This energy vortex also supports you to include back into the
wholeness and oneness any outdated ways of viewing yourself as a 3 dimensional being. Allowing for the full remembrance of your Divine origin and multidimensional self.

Item 3: Journey with Thoth to Meet Yourself as the Embodied Divine Being

Join Thoth and the Intergalactic Council of Light in this 60-minute audio as you open to receive and meet yourself as the embodied Divine being that you are.

Get Ready to:

  • Connect with Thoth and the Intergalactic Council of Light from the space of equality, eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, Divine-to-Divine.
  • Tune into the station of your Divine embodied self and sing your song, fine-tuning your capacity to transmit to yourself your Divine capacities, your Divine wisdom.
  • Use your breath, sound and choice to amplify your capacity to receive, have and gift in a state of Divine wholeness.
  • Reclaim dominion of your Divine embodiment, your Divine birthright.
  • Release any distortions you may have. Use your Divine eyes to see yourself for who you truly are.
  • Receive guidance and gifts from your Divine self embodied.

Professionally recorded from Weekend with Thoth live event in Sedona, 2017 along with Irene Ingalls accompanying on crystal bowls.

Item 4: Divine Light Language Integration

Audio with Thoth

Divine 2 Divine Light Language Integration Audio with Thoth

Join Thoth 100% embodied and a wider Council of Light, including the Tri from the full realized Multiverse in this 26-minute Light Language transmission to support integration.

Light Codes for:

  1. Vibrational Recognition: capacity to vibrationally recognize what is yours to be, do and have, nothing more and nothing less.
  2. Recognizing what is NOT yours to be, do and have: It is much easier to integrate what is yours if you are not sorting through everything that is not. This light code supports you in being in a different energy location than that which isn’t yours.
  3. Integrating with ease and refinement: These light codes support you in integrating with ease and high levels of refinement.
  4. Choose from Infinite Possibilities: In order to choose to integrate with ease and refinement you need access to that choice. This Light code stream, supports choice and expands into infinite possibilities beyond time and space.
  5. Universal Integration Codes: You are integrating all day long, every day in many areas of your life simultaneously. These streams of energies support you in integrating in all areas.
  6. Integrate Individualized Oneness: Access specific light codes to access greater states of Oneness.

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What others have experienced through Divine Transmissions Initiations:

 “I am out of hiding and doing what I came here to do! I am so grateful.”
~Madeline Eyer

“This program is extraordinary. My spiritual evolution has definitely been expanded by the Initiations. I now have an immediate and profound connection with Source.”
~Mary Elizabeth Anderson

“I love myself so much more–and it feels like for the first time!”
~Jackie Knight

“I left behind old psychological structures that kept me stuck and stepped into the life I am supposed to be living.”
~Debra Terry

“Oh, and did I mention the JOY! I have never been so, so, so, very happy and peaceful in my life. I am truly overflowing.” ~Darlene Green

“My journey was life-changing! My career has blossomed, my relationships are stronger and I healed a life-long ancestral pattern.”
~Cynthia Strauss

“I went from spending money as fast as it would come in to saving money and being open to receive more pleasure.”
~Adele G.

“The sense of Inner Peace I embody now is Priceless. Plus, I received more than $2000 in unexpected money in 30 Days!!!” ~Dr. Monica Garaycoechea