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Life as a Playground Awakening the True Creator Within

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One Month Membership within the True Creator Community

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Personal Channeling Session with Allison + One Month Membership

Offer 1 Includes:

One Month Membership within the True Creator Community

Digital Format :
Length of Program: one month
Value of Program $97

The True Creator Community is a private membership space, where you will learn to verbally channel and expand your intuition, connect with other incredible awakening friends, and receive regular weekly coaching and support on your awakening journey. Includes:

  • COMMUNITY We build strength in our awakening through connecting with others who we can share openly with. This is a sacred and playful space, where you can let your weirdo-self shine fully!
  • THE COMPLETE “LEARN TO CHANNEL” COURSE with 35+ videos of learning content and guided meditations.
  • PERSONAL COACHING WITH ALLISON We have two weekly group channeling practice calls, guided by Allison Holley and the TCC Team.
  • ENERGY CLEARING SESSIONS As sensitive and empathic beings, we function best when our energy is clear! Receive a monthly group energy clearing session (for positive vibes!) offered by one of the trained and certified TCC coaches.
  • PRIVATE ONLINE CONNECTION FORUM We have a community forum for connecting with your fellow awakeners and channelers, a private space for sharing your experiences (that is NOT on Facebook!)
  • OVER 200 HOURS OF RECORDED TEACHINGS We you join, you gain access to the full library of past Collective Channeling Circles, Energy Circles, Live Teaching videos from Allison, and Community Calls.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Personal Channeling Session with Allison + One Month Membership

Receive a personal channeling from Allison. During this one hour session, you are welcome to ask any questions you’d like and receive guidance from the higher frequency realms. Many people ask about their life purpose, soul mission, health, and a variety of other questions during these sessions. This session will be recorded, and the recording download link sent to you after your session, to keep.

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What People Have to Say

“My channeling session with Allison was amazing! She is so intui7ve and gentle when delivering the messages she receives . She is also super accurate. The things she said unfolded in the same timeframes and exactly as she said they would. My session with her alleviated all my worries and gave me peace!”
— Kelly Romero

“Allison is the real deal. A true earth angel that is willing to offer her gift. Her channeling sessions are tremendously accurate. When I say “accurate” I mean accurately dialed in to a persons highest purpose and potential. Her higher guidance and recommendations are not concerned with lofty prophecies and in the telling of the future. Her guidance is concerned with the embrace and support of experiencing the most fulfilling life possible. She narrows in to the version of your life scope that aligns with your upmost happiness and empowerment. I compare her sessions to expansive plant medicine journeys, that are more accessible, digestible and more easily integrated than psychoactive journeys. I’m so grateful for her guidance. If you are ready to step into a new capacity of yourself, she is the perfect guide for the process.”
— Chris Gruden

“It’s been an absolutely crazy day for me and all I can do is think about going home to channel. This change in mindset alone is worth taking this course [inside the True Creator Community]. If you’re thinking about making this decision and the only thing holding you back is fear and worry that you won’t be able to, please do yourself the greatest gift and sign up. Allison has an amazing ability to push you further than you thought you could go, teaches without making you feel small, and radiates Universal connection and love. To have this connection with her and go through this process with other students who are feeling those same joys and moving past those same fears is indescribable. It really is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I can’t recommend this course or Allison enough.” -Kai Ryun